Kellys LONG trip 4/28-5/9


Some of you may remember that the week before I left I hosted a Disney Party for my friends. Here are a few pictures of the stuff that Disney sent me.

April 28
Our flight left Akron on-time and we arrived in Orlando at 1:15pm. We got off the plane and were sitting on the Magical Express within 10 minutes of landing:). Our room was ready when we reached Bay Lake Tower. Room 7232.
The room was nice, clean, view of the pool/lake area from our balcony…Only one problem…a little teaser for later:blush:

We arrived in AK by 4pm and headed right to Pizzafari (we were starving). Food was really good. Best part was when we ordered they asked if I was celebrating anything special and I said “yes, 6 years Cancer Free” The CM escorted us to a decorated and reserved table and then we enjoyed a tour of Pizzafari by Jean.

After lunch we walked on the Safari, did EE it was my youngest ones first time and he did not like it at all…a man after my own heart! I was down on a bench for an hour and a half after that ride:blow:My oldedst and grandma did it again. Next we went on Kali twice, but I was still feeling sick:blow:

Next stop was Primeval Whirl, Triceratop Spin and Dinosaur, and It’s tough to be a bug…we walked on everything:laugh: There were no crowds at all. We stopped for a lateddinner at Contempo Cafe.

When we got back to the room we had no blankets for the pull out couch, but mousekeeping was at the door within 10 minutes. Overall a really great day.


4-29 Day 2
We WALKED to MK this morning…that was cool:cool: We took the train to Frontierland and walked on Splash Mountain…the best ride ever:happy: BTMR then one of many stops for ice cream

Next we went to Tom Sawyer Island…This is our third trip and the first time we ventured there…the boys had a ball. Despite the whining of my son we stopped at the Hall of Presidents (another first for us) and he liked it, then over the the Haunted Mansion. We were starving by then and headed to Pinocchio village for meatball subs and mac and cheese yummy:blush:

We had a lot of luck when it came to the wait times. We walked on Philharmagic, Liberty boat, FP Peter Pan, the headed to the BLT to swim for awhile. The boys enjoyed the pool and really like the slide. I liked that I could sit in a lawn chair and watch them without worrying about them. The margaritas were good also:laugh:


Day 2 continued…
aftter swimming we took a boat to Fort Wilderness for Mickeys Backyard BBQ. I was looking forward to this thinking my boys would love to dance with the characters…wrong:angry: They loved meeting Chip and Dale, ate the food, and once the dancing started they wanted to leave. Neither would go near the dance floor. All they wanted to do was go back to MK…so after 45 minutes we left and headed to MK.

We went back to MK and Alex kept us entertained by hula hooping. We then headed to tomorrow land for a ride on the skyway, speedway, and Buzz. We ended the night watching fireworks from the lobby of the 15th floor of BLT. Now for the only problem with BLT…BUGGS:blow::blow:

When we walked into the lobby we had to walk through a swarm of buggs. There were easily a million of these “blind mosquitos” covering the ceiling, walls, and elevator doors. The door to the lobby kept opening and closing and everytime it did they would fly in. Mom got back to the room earlier and opened up the patio…little did she know she let the buggs in our room.

When I got to the room I called the front desk and asked if they had a fly swatter because there were a dozen of these mosquitos on the ceiling above my bed, and a million in the lobby. They assured me they didn’t bite (still wasn’t closing my eyes with them above me:blow:)and they would call the exterminator. In the meantime I started killing them with kleeenix. GROSS:blow:About 10 minutes later the exterminator came to our room and vacuumed up what he could find left. Again assuring me they don’t bite. Still they are above my head…not sleeping with those flying around.

Here are some more pics…


a few more pics from the first few days…hope this isn’t too long


it’s not too long at all- it’s a delight, what a lovely family you have, your children are gorgeous. Thanks for the photos too, they are really great. You were braver than me with the mosquito invasion! Hope to hear some more about your trip.


Day 3 April 30
Today we woke up to tons of DEAD BUGGS all over the lobby floor:eek:GROSS. We picked up moms scooter and headed to the Grand Floridian for the boys Pirate Adventure. At first Alex wasn’t into it, but ended up having a great time:pirate:Mom and I walked around the grounds while the boys were gone and had breakfast at the GF cafe…never had $30.00 omlettes before:laugh:

 We headed to EPCOT and started with Spaceship Earth, Mission Space, Soarin, Nemo, Test Track, then Dinner at Le Cellier...It was yummy:laugh:I think my oldest liked our server...Jill-Lynn...he colored her a picture while at dinner. My youngest wanted to know if Jill-Lynn was from Cananda how did she get back and forth to work every day:laugh:

Next we were off for our Kim Possible adventure…difficult to do in the dark. We rode Maelstrom and did the ride in Mexico 3 times…EMH are great! My son was so upset, Grandma bought him a light up skull face and after about 15 minutes he dropped it into the water as he got on Maelstrom…he was so sad:crying:So I bought him another one…it was just an accident.

We tried to see Figment and Honey I shrunk the Audience, but both were being evacuated for "technical " problems. So we headed back to Mission Space, spaceship earth then home on the monorail.

Oh yeah Alex got picked to help the diver after seeing Nemo. He thought it was so cool.


Here are a few more pictures of our day 3


Wow, it seems like that you just left! Sounds like you had a great time.

Never seen bugs at Bay Lake…at least no more than anywhere else. BLT has the location doesn’t it!

Can’t wait to see more.


Fabulous so far!! MORE MORE MORE!!!


Loving your TR! You, your mom and your boys are all precious! How old are your boys? They look like they’re about the same ages as my son and my youngest daughter.:happy:


Day 4 May 1st
Today we woke up and headed to HS. We had planned on using a fastpass from our give a day get a day. Here is how it worked. I presented my voucher at Will call along with my Driver’s license. They took all of our park tickets and gave them back along with 4 new green tickets. We were given a list of Donald rides and Daisy rides and could each choose 3 from each during our day. We were also able to use our regular park passes to get FP.

Donald rides were Tot, RoR, and TSM…Daisy rides were Lights, Motor, Action, Voyage of the little Mermaid, and ???

So we used our regular Park tickets to get FP for RoR for later and got 2 for TSM using our voucher cards. We then headed to Indiana Jones…I love it every time I see it:happy: Next lunch at ABC Commisary…we just beat the rush. Next we watched the Jedi training but the boys did not get picked. :crying: Afterwards we caught Lights, Motor, Action then I made the boys RUN to Jedi training where they were not happy but were the last two picked for Jedi training:laugh::laugh:



[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1032218]Wow, it seems like that you just left! Sounds like you had a great time.

Never seen bugs at Bay Lake…at least no more than anywhere else. BLT has the location doesn’t it!

Can’t wait to see more.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for calling to check on us…we had a wonderful time…the location was unbelievable! This TR is so much fun! It’s like going on vacation all over again:blush:


My oldest (the blond) just turned 9 in April and my youngest will be 7 in September


May 1st con’t…

After Jedi training the boys and grandma rode Star Tours using the FP…Oh yeah that was the other Daisy option. Remember I don’t do spinning or roller coasters…that’s what grandma’s are for:laugh::laugh: We stopped and used our FP for TSM on the way to Mama Melrose for dinner…one of our best meals and our server Lisa was great!

After dinner back to TSM to use our 2nd FP. The boys and I decided to get our last 4 FP for TSM using our voucher card and give them to someone at the back of the line (it was an 80 minute wait). It was so nice to spread the Disney Magic and my boys loved surprising a family with instant FP.

We headed to the Great Movie ride and then split up. Grandma and Alex did RoR twice and ToT, while Jared and I got our Jedi photos downloaded to our photopass ( wanted to avoid the crowds at the end of the day) and did some shopping. We met an hour later for our Fantasmic Dining Package…

Fantasmic was wonderul. The only bad part was when I went to get snacks for the boys. We were seated in the top row of the handicap section since mom had her scooter and on my way back I saw about 100 people climbing over my empty seat, my kids, and all the handicap people to get a seat as the show was about to start. they were not using the isles, just climbing on top of people. I thought my kids were being trampled, but a nice guy next to us was protecting them. Finally a CM showed up and told people to go and use the isle…scary:huh:

The only downside was the LONG wait for a bus back to BLT…We watched other stops get 2-3 busses and we waited and waited…but a nice surprise was waiting for us from our mousekeeper Rosie…5 cool towel animals:happy:


May 2nd

This was planned as our no park day…relax and take it easy. We got to DTD around 11 and walked around until our 1200 ressies for T-Rex…way cool :cool::cool: It was really hot out 92 at least, and we had planned on doing the Hot Air Balloon ride but it was closed due to the high winds:pinch: so we headed back to BLT to swim and again a LONG bus wait. Once the bus picked us up it headed to TL, switched drivers then back past DTD…that took 25 minutes…a total of 45 minutes to get back to the resort. The bus was HOT and I think the driver was deaf, I asked twice to turn up the air, but never got a response. I was seriously getting light headed.

We had ressies Chef Mickeys for 6:30. It was so nice at 6:20 to say time to leave for dinner since it was such a short walk across the grounds. We love Chef Mickeys and the boys had a great time.

After dinner and baths we were granted access to the Top of the World Lounge…I showed her my room key and asked if we could go up and she said yes…It was a great view of the fireworks and electrical water pagent…a wonderful end to a wonderful day:happy:


few more pics


I knew it! My little boy is 9 and my youngest daughter will be 7 in November.


views from Bay Lake Tower


I love the pic of Alex and Grandma!!


Great report. Loving every word and every picture! Keep it coming!