Kennedy Space Center Questions


My 8 year old and wanting to visit Kennedy Space Center after we get off our Disney cruise, but DW is not sure. We also have a 5 yr old son and she is not sure if he will like it. We have never been there before and not sure what all there is to do. Anyone been before and have any suggestions?


I’ve been twice with my children, and we love it. My son is sort of a science nerd.

There are a few shows, a museum, a play ground (made up of ‘rockets’), you can go out toward the launch pad, there is a tram type tour, ‘astronauts’ walking around giving autographs…hang on I’m thinking…what else is there…

I think there are a few IMAX movies? It’s a relaxed type day. Certainly not Disney, but it’s very nice.

DO a search on this forum. Disneywife has an excellent trip report from when she went to Kennedy Space Center. She has a daughter that is young, as well. So, that could give you a clue as to whether or not younger children enjoy KSC


Yes! We went in December and had an absolute blast. To be honest, we enjoyed it more than any Disney park. We are ALL space nuts, however, as my father designed the main propulsion system of the shuttle and has his name on a wall to honor him at KSC. At 76, he’s still working full-time as an aerospace engineer.

My dd did have fun, but I don’t think she got the “big picture” as much as my ds did, however. But, my son at this age would have totally gotten it. I think it’s an interest thing. If your ds is into space and rockets and stuff now, he’ll enjoy KSC.

We didn’t spend that much time at the visitor’s center. We did the Lunch with an Astronaut where we ate with Jon McBride, the NASA Up Close tour - they take you out on a chartered bus to the launch pads, to see the actual space station modules (that haven’t been launched in the past couple of years due to the shuttle crash), and finally to the Apollo building where they do an absolutely wonderful interactive presentation of the original lunar missions. They move your group from theater to theater, including one that has the actual control room from the Gemini and Apollo missions as it’s stage - the control room was there and they built the theater around it. They also have the full Saturn rocket suspended from the ceiling in the obviously very enormous lobby. After that, we went 6 miles down the road to the Astronaut Hall of Fame, which is chock full of interactive presentations for the kids to explore, such as moon bouncing, space smells (such as sulfur), and seeing some of the actual capsules up close from the Space Race era. Really fun stuff.

I did post pictures in my trip report in the trip report forum:


So in your house it really was rocket science! :wink:


I cannot TELL you how many times I heard my mother tell my father “It aint’ rocket science, honey!” when I was growing up! Oh, the irony…


To which he replied “yes it is” ?


Not quite… His reply usually wasn’t repeatable…

BTW Soundgod, you may be interested that my dad flew out to FL yesterday to deal with the launch delay - apparently a large portion of the issues is in his area, some kind of meter. This is huge for him to go out to FL - he hasn’t gone out to be there with the shuttle in person in years. His work is usually remote from here or Houston.

We also have no idea when he’ll be back. He missed my dd’s birthday party today.

(The launch has been delayed until July for now)


I went when I was six…and I hated it…but my brother who was nine at the time loved it and still loves it–he’d actually rather go there than disney!!!–


I will admit that we were more excited about it than WDW. (But, DL is such a regular thing for us, so KSC was a unique adventure for us)

I went there several times as a kid and I was probably bored to tears. Dd was more along for the ride than anything…but ds was totally enthralled.


I went when my father in law who is ‘space’ mad came with us to WDW. I was dreading the day, but actually it was an amazing place, so interesting with lots of history and interesting exhibits. The admission price was very reasonable for the amount of things there,also I agree with Disneywife we found the control room a fantastic emotive experience and I would love to go again. I became very interested in space after this trip, even adopting the slogan ‘Failure is not an option’ and last Thursday went to a lecture at my college given by two Russian cosmonauts. KSC is certainly not Disney, but well worth a venture off property.