Kennedy Space Center


Has anyone ever viewed a shuttle launch? We are going to be visiting KSC on Dec 7th and they just announced a launch. We already have maximum tickets, but buying the view launch tickets are extra. I just can’t find out how much they are.

Any info will be greatly appreciated! :smile:


I’ve seen a few but always from the beach (Free!). Jeti State park is 6 miles away, the closets you can get at the KSC is 3 miles. I also believe Dec 7th luanch is a night luanch (not sure on the time I think 9pm ish).

It should also be noted Dec 7th is the target luanch, since the return to flight mission, not one shuttle mission has gone up on its target date and time. There is a chance this one will, but you never know. You may want to see what the refund policy is on tickets for the luanch as well.


Good point. This launch has already been changed once as it was originally scheduled for 14th December.


Yes but the reason for that change was to get the crew home for X-mas and becuase NASA feels they can handle Night luanches. All of the delays have been weather or mechanical issues.


On our trip in 02, a launch was scheduled to go off at the beginning of our trip there. Unfortunately, it ended up launching 3 days after we got home, and we were there for 8 days. Unless I lived in the area, I am not sure I would spend the extra money for the tickets when you can watch from the beach for free. Unless they have changed their refund policy since 02, you can’t get a refund.


I experienced a launch cancellation (on the actual day) in 2003. I had purchased the special launch view tickets and got a refund for them. I didn’t get a refund for the standard entry into the park though.

I think I am destined not to see one as I was all excited for the upcoming launch in December which was originally scheduled for 14th. Imagine my disappointment when it was changed to 7th as I land in Orlando on the 8th. D’oh.


good points. they never go off as acheduled, as there is always a “last minute problem”


I planned to watch the launch in August and then head to WDW and stay overnight. The launch was cancelled, but my reservation couldn’t be, so we went to WDW. I’ve been to a shuttle launch once. But this was Columbia in Jan of 86 two weeks before Challenger. Things were different then. I knew someone who knew someone with a pass. Wife and girlfriend stayed behind while I picked up husband on Merritt Island on the way to the launch in the dark at 5 AM. In those days, it was also possible for Florida residents to get passes for any launch just by asking. But since they’ve turned KSC’s visitor center into a $40 all day theme park, and they charge for everything, coupled with the twin pillars of Homeland Security and range safety, it’s not worth getting onto the space center’s grounds. It’s easy enough to watch the launch from Cocoa Beach. And don’t get me started about NASA and the US government needing to remove the stick from their butts and build a new shuttle already. This one was supposed to retire in 2001! And no Crew Exploration Vehicle Apollo type capsules either!!


I’ve attempted to view the last three launches and missed each one due to delays. The tickets are for the actual launch mission, not a specific date which means they are not refundable. If you go, just be prepared that it’s a gamble to be there at the right moment. Each one has been delayed so you don’t really know what the actual launch date is until it actually launches. In each one of my cases, I planned for other activities in case the mission was scrubbed while I was there.

Also, you have to purchase specific tickets to see the launch from KSC. Any generic maximum access ticket will not work. You are also assigned credentials to allow you on the property the day of the launch as it is very restriced.

The tickets are at a minimum the same price as a regular maximum ticket, but it’s dependent on what you want to do that day. They offer lunch/dinner with an astronaut (depending on the time of the launch) which is extra as well.

Soundgod - too bad I didn’t know you were there in August. DW and I were there also.


Thanks everyone…we decided to change our day of going to KSC as it was on our itinerary for Dec 7th. I switched our Lunch with an Astronaut lunch also to Dec 6th. Then we’ll go to AK on Dec 7th and ride down to Titusville after AK (if the launch looks like it is a go) to view it from the beach.


Here I go again for attempt number 4…

I purchased my launch tickets this morning. They sold out in 10 minutes.