Kennedy Space Center


So has anyone done Kennedy Space Center? Is it worth it? Is it fun? My kids are DD 9 and DS 5 turns 6 while we are there? Thanks :wub:


It’s funny to read this, my husband and I were thinking the same thing last week. During our trip in june we are leaving 2 days prior to the rest of our family, but I didn’t get dinning or hoppers, and this was going to be our “somthing new” to do.
Can’t wait to hear what MBers say.


This is something my friends and I are batting around for our May trip too. Any suggestions on what’s the best way to get there? I’ve looked at renting a car and Quicksilver… what would you do?


Yes but I am a space junky.

I think your DS will have a better time with all the rockets and exhibits. It might be a little beyond your DD. It is more like a kids science museum and less amusement park (lots to look at not much to do…some hands on stuff).

Show up early for the tour of the launch facility. It will give you the scale of things.

You might want to look at the launch schedule for the Shuttle. If you are in town for a launch and you are willing to put up with some crowds go and see the launch. Not many more left and they are amazing.

If you home school it would be a great side trip to augment science and history. Just saying this because my home school friends told me that.


Thanks for the update Tigger. Our oldest DS (11) just got back from a week at Space Camp. He has informed us he wants to be an Astronaut and travel on the new Ares Rockets to the moon. I think we will venture over to the Kennedy Space Center when we are there in June.


We went to the space center in 2004. We had DH, who is not into space at all, myself, who is a moderate space buff, and a friend who is totally into NASA… For our friend, it was wonderful. My husband was ready to go after the first 30 minutes and myself…I took a lot of interest in it, but eventually found myself wishing that our friend would not have been there with us so we could leave. :blush: We pretty much spent the whole morning and afternoon there. I found out a lot of interesting things and thought it was great to be able to go into a replica space shuttle. :happy:

I think it is a nice place to visit and would definitely go again when DS gets older if he is into that stuff. If you go, don’t forget to go to the Astronaut Museum nearby.

I had visited the Johnson Space Center years before and unless they have changed, I like the Kennedy Space Center much better. Of course, the two locations have very different purposes…:mellow:



I found out a lot of interesting things and thought it was great to be able to go into a replica space shuttle. :happy:


I found it amazing how small the shuttle is…surprisingly small. I was expecting it to be about twice as big. Then when you get to see the inside of it…wow…WOW it is tight. The Saturn V is small come to think of it.

They now have a Shuttle launch experience. It is tame but walks you through what the astronauts go through during a launch. Lots of rumbling and narration.

Again I can not stress seeing a launch. It looks like the rest of the shuttle launches are during the day. There are some parks around the area you can picnic at while you wait for the launch. You will want to bring a radio along so you can listen to the mission control (you don’t want to sit around waiting for a launch that has been scrubbed). There are some beaches in the area but I don’t know much about them so you could make a beach day out of it.