Kennel Question


We are wanting to make a qiuck day trip over the Disney in December. We have a puppy and wish to bring him over for the day. Since we are only driving in for the day, we want to put him the kennel. Has anyone ever done this? Is it easy to pick up after the park closes? We called the Magic Kingdom Kennel and itl was full for the day we wanted to come. Do any other kennels do this? Maybe an offsite kennel option? Thanks!


I can’t answer all your questions but my MIL, who lives in South Florida, uses the kennels often when she drives up to see us for the day/overnight in WDW. She’s always liked the kennels there & the CMs who work at them too. We’ve always felt they’ve taken good care of her two small dogs & there’s never been a problem.


How old is the puppy? He/she needs all of the recommended vaccinations…


He is about a year old and is current on all his shots. Anyone use any off site kennels?


Are all of the kennels full or just the MK facility?


Haven’t use any kennels other than the MK. Maybe a MB local can recommend a good veterinarians office that they can vouch for.


The MK kennel is full. I have not checked into Epcot or FW. The problem is that these will close before MK does. We wanted to stay until 11 (when MK closes) but Epcot closes at 9:30. I assume that means their kennel closes at 10:30. I’m not sure what time the FW kennel closes. HS has extra magic hours until 11 that night. Would their kennel be open until midnight?