Kennel Questions


We are doing a quick trip to DW next month. For the first time we will be boarding our puppy. We have a reservation and know the prices. Anything else we should be aware of? Are the dogs in cages? If so, how big? Can we bring his food for them to give? Can we visit him? He is trained to use puppy pads. We have never boarded before. Thanks!


Here some information. Pet Kennels at Walt Disney World

Allow some time each day to visit and walk your dog.


I did just this trip see Disney CMs walking some of the dogs at the kennel near TTC. I have no idea whether you have to pay extra to have someone walk your dogs or if it’s a new feature that is included.

In the past, it has been necessary to visit your dog and walk it each day. Yes, they are in cages. It’s not ideal, but I understand there is going to be a new op[tion soon – a better service-oriented “camp” style program with playgrounds and so forth…


I’ve taken my dog to WDW several times and always used the Epcot kennel. In 2002, they were the only kennel that offered dog walking service, however in 2006, they didn’t. I think at the time, they were the only kennel that allowed overnight boarding. Another good thing about Epcot’s kennel is that you can park right outside and walk to the main gate. This area is reserved for AAA package guests, the kennel, and I think also handicapped.
I believe they provided food, but I brought my own from home, as well as his bowls and treats. If your dog has a favorite toy or special blanket, bring that as well. They have three size cages inside the air conditioned kennel itself and something like a dozen (maybe more) runs outside for larger dogs. Usually these are lightly used and we were able to find one near the A/C vent, and they are covered so they don’t get soaked in the rain. Boris needed to be in one of the runs because he just was very unhappy in the inside cages. I guess being able to see outside and also having more room calmed him down. I was able to get over and walk him after the parks closed, but you need to call security to let you in, the kennels are unmanned from an hour after park close until an hour before park open. But I did have to make my way back to Epcot a few times each day to take care of my baby. (Baby? 126 pounds and as tall as me on his hind legs. I guess old man is more appropriate)
When they did walk the dogs, it was fee extra.
It broke my heart having to shove him in there, but I didn’t want to leave him home alone either, especially in 2006 when he was getting pretty old and having lots of problems with his arthritis. But he did like the drive up. He also liked the Hard Rock better. I guess it had something to do with being allowed to stay in our room.


It would kill me to have to leave Timber again and again during the day. He wouldn’t like it either. Just when he thinks we’re going back home, we leave without him. We’re lucky that we have family that loves to take care of him while we’re gone. By all means, take your puppies food with you. He’ll need lots of walks if you don’t if you know what I mean. :blow::eek:


The thought of saying goodbye to Daisy after her walk every day would absolutely ruin the parks for me. I simply couldn’t enjoy myself, knowing that she was sitting in a cage.


I don’t know if this was said, but you have to come back and feed your dog - they won’t feed him/her for you. I suggest packing a small bag with food, a leash, and some toys. You can hook the bag on your dog’s kennel to store it while your out in the park.

The most inconvenient kennel is at MK… because it’s actually at TTC, so you have to ride the monorail back and forth to walk and feed your dog. Ther’es also often a line to check your dog in. It’s cutely themed, though. Epcot’s is the largest and the nicest. For DHS and AK, the kennels are right by the park entrance, so you have to either walk your dog through the parking lot or hold it in your lap on the tram.


Just going to put this out there, we had boarded my beagle years ago at the MK kennel and she ended up getting sick from the water that she was given. They employees said that it wasn’t uncommon for a dog to become ill due to being newly exposed to some bacterias that are present in water that they weren’t used to drinking. We had to got to the Poly and have one of the kitchens prepare us plain boiled meat mixed with rice for a few days and she was put on bottled water. I regretted not boarding her at home because of how ill she had gotten and because of the seperation anxiety she went through everytime we had to walk and take care of her then left.


Thanks for all the input. We made a reservation at the transportation center kennel. It includes 2 feedings and 2 potty breaks. I think we are going to pay for a walk. He is only going to be there from late Thursday night to early Saturday morning. We are checking in Thursday afternoon and will check him into the kennel that evening. I wish Dsiney would designate a couple of hotels as pet friendly. We have traditionally stayed in a resort 2-3 times a year for 5-7 days each visit. With the new puppy, I see us either staying off site, in a pet friendly hotel, or boarding him at Disney and having a shorter visit.


Same here. We have a couple of college kids who dog/fish/house sit for us. I feel better knowing my dog is at least comfortable at home and the house isn’t empty. I’m lucky that I have hundreds of former students I have gotten to know well so I have plenty of kids to pick from.