KentB3's Pictoral Trip Report for 11/12-11/19/05


In case any of you haven’t heard already, I finally made it! Here’s the proof, in pictures!

Details on my WDW trip last November can be found in my written trip report, from the following weblinks below:

The rest of my group from my trip was too camera shy, so I didn’t include their pics here.

And now, On with the Show!

Day One: Magic Kingdom (11/12/05)

Here are several pics from the SpectroMagic light parade:

SpectroMagic opening float

Spectro Mickey

the Three Little Pigs

the carousel SpectroMagic float

Next up, breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table :mickey:


Day two, part one: Breakfast in the castle! (11/13/05)

My second day at WDW began with breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table inside the castle.

Here’s me with Cinderella, in the restaurant’s lobby downstairs

This is the breakfast plate served to guests at Cinderella’s Royal Table, a breakfast fit for a Prince or Princess! :wink:

Belle at CRT

Snow White at CRT

Mary Poppins at CRT

Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and me, at CRT

Here is Main Street, already dressed up for the Christmas holidays!

the statues of Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse, sitting on a bench

Next up, Disney-MGM and La Lucci in all her glory! :mickey:


Day two, part two: Disney-MGM and ABC Super Soap Weekend (11/13/05)

This is me with the Walt Disney head bust at Disney-MGM

Susan Lucci, known to soap fans as Erica Kane, arrives with Minnie as part of the ABC Super Soap Weekend festivities!

Here are a couple of pics from the finale to the Fantasmic! show.

Next up, breakfast at 1900 Park Faire in the Grand Floridian! :mickey:


Day three, part one: breakfast at 1900 Park Faire (11/14/05)

My third day started with breakfast at 1900 Park Faire, in the Grand Floridian. Let’s start with a couple of pics of the Grand Floridian’s impressive lobby:

Here are a couple of carousel animal inside 1900 Park Faire’s dining hall

Me with Alice

The Mad Hatter


and Mary Poppins

This is the horse carriage that sits outside the Grand Floridian

Next up, EPCOT’s Future World :mickey:


Day three, part two: EPCOT’s Future World (11/14/05)

Spaceship Earth

This is the Finding Nemo topiary, found outside The Living Seas

Here’s a great shot of the fountain outside the Journey Into Imagination pavillion!

Next up, Animal Kingdom :mickey:


Day four, part one: Animal Kingdom (11/15/05)

Here’s me with Donald at Donald’s Breakfastosarus

the Tree of Life

the small statuettes of Donald, with his three nephews; Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Here’s a HILARIOUS pic of me with Pluto! :laugh:

me with Pocahontas

with Rafiki

Here a a couple of alligators, as seen from the Kilamanjaro Safari ride

a flock of flamingos, also from Kilamanjaro Safari

The world’s laziest lion! Seen from Kilamanjaro Safari

Next up, Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade and dinner at Rainforest Cafe :mickey:


Day four, part two: Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade (11/15/05)

These are our pics from Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, taken in Africa near the queue for Kilamanjaro Safaris, where the parade route actually starts! This was perhaps the best spot anywhere in Animal Kingdom for watching this parade.

This is opening float to Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade, which was in fact the opening performance of the Christmas edition of Jammin’ Jungle Parade!

Mickey Mouse

King Louie from The Jungle Book

one of the “puppets”, for lack of a better term (not sure what these are actually called) from the parade

Here’s Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear. Brer Rabbit even shook hands with me as he passed by! :biggrin:

This is the dining hall at Rainforest Cafe, with a great shot of the aquarium!

Here I am with the ever-michievious Stitch, in Animal Kingdom near Rainforest Cafe and the park entrance.

Next up, my first full day inside the Magic Kingdom! :mickey:


Day five: The Magic Kingdom (11/16/05)

Here I am with Peter Pan, when we met that morning in Town Square.

horse carriage on Main Street

a GREAT view of Cinderella’s Castle from Main Street

Cinderella’s Golden Carousel in Fantasyland

This is Pooh’s 100 Acre Wood play area. Is it just me, or does the 100 Acre Wood tree bear a striking resemblance to Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life? :wink:

Here’s the Magic Kingdom’s Christmas Tree

Next up, more fun in the Magic Kingdom, including the Big Cheese himself! :mickey: :wink:


Day five, part two: The Magic Kingdom (11/16/05)

3 Wild Animals! Baloo, King Louie, and me

Me with Geppetto, outside Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

The Liberty Bell in Liberty Square

Minnie’s House in Toontown Fair

Mickey’s House.

Me with Mickey, in the Judge’s Tent at Mickey’s Toontown Fair.

Next up, the Share a Dream Come True Parade! :mickey:


WOW! I have only looked at the first 2 days so far, but what great pics! Thanks!!!
Awesome trip so far…


Day five, part three: The Magic Kingdom (11/16/05)

Here are some pics from the Share a Dream Come True Parade:

the Mickey snowglobe float, aka “It All Started By a Mouse”

the dancing broomsticks behind the Mickey float

the Pinocchio float

a great shot of the Blue Fairy, with Geppetto!

A large group of characters march by, with Robin Hood leading the way.

Peter Pan and Wendy. This the same Peter I met earlier that day, since he pointed me out in the crowd (I was in the front) and waved! :biggrin:

the Cinderella float, with a great shot of the Fairy Godmother!

the three good faries from Sleeping Beauty; Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather

Next up, dinner at Chef Mickey’s! :mickey:


Day five, part four: dinner at Chef Mickey’s (11/16/05)

Yours truly, with Chef Mickey himself!

with Minnie

with Chef Goofy

with Chip

and with a VERY excited Dale! :laugh:

Next up, World Showcase at EPCOT :mickey:


Day six, part one: EPCOT’s World Showcase (11/17/05)

with Mulan at Akershus in Norway

the Norway pavillion





The American Adventure

The very-talented Voices of Liberty singing group performs in The American Adventure preshow.


Next up, more of World Showcase, plus Illuminations! :mickey:


Day six, part two: EPCOT’s World Showcase (11/17/05)

Let’s start part two of my World Showcase trek with a great shot of the World Showcase lagoon!

the Morocco pavillion


with Belle and the Beast, in France


United Kingdom

Here are a couple of pics of the Illuminations TV screen globe, taken from the back porch of Rose & Crown in the UK pavillion area.

hanging out with Aladdin near the EPCOT entrance area

Next up, back to the Magic Kingdom! :mickey:


Day seven: The Magic Kingdom (11/18/05)

with Pooh at The Crystal Palace

with Piglet

with Eeyore

with Tigger

in Adventureland with Peter Pan, and a young lady who IS quite “Darling”! :wink:

outside Tony’s Town Square Restaurant with a real live boy, Pinocchio!

a photo from the Cinderellabration show, on the castle stage

Dumbo at dusk

City Hall at night

Next up, time to say goodbye.


Day 7: (11/19/05)

A parting shot, outside my room at Coronado Springs. Time to say goodbye. So long for now, but really looking forward to the next time! :smile:


Kent, I am so impressed with all your photos and thank you so much for taking the time to share them all with us!! I LOVE all the pictures of you with the characters, my GOODNESS, I am not sure I’ve met that many characters in ALL of my trips. hehe. Very cool!!!


awesome photos kent! :smile:
I LOVE the Voices of Liberty - hope to sing with them one day :happy: the costumes they wear are soooo beautiful!