KeroKero - Preparing to Make Magical Memories at WDW 2011


As our departure date is less than a week away I can barely contain my excitement :goofybounce:. I’m so overly prepared, in fact, that I’ve run out of things to do to prepare for the trip. I finished packing earlier this week (suitcases are underweight to allow more than enough room for souvenirs), printed off all necessary paperwork for flights, check in, ADR’s etc. All my planning spreadsheets have been edited several times that I am now very satisfied with my end results for our overall itinerary. Forever 21 and The Disney Outlet right near our home had a great selection of end of season T’s and tanks that we are very much looking forward to wearing while we’re there.

:wacko: Only just figured out how to add pics to a posting. Below are my journal I take with me (bought a pocket sized notebook from the dollar store and decorated it with stickers) that has all relevent information (ADR’s, park schedules etc). I also keep track of our dining credits, in case we can’t locate the last receipt we got. The last pic is of window decorations I made in honour of DH’s birthday (and really just because its fun :mickey:). Very simple to make and we hang them using window suction cups so we don’t do any damage to the walls or paint.

We only booked this trip when we were about 40 something days from departure, so everything thus far in terms of planning has been very go, go, go!!!

Our Travel Party Includes:

Myself – 31 (but really a 10 year old at heart:frostyang)

DH – 28 (turning 29 while we’re there:pirate:)

My DM – 61 (first trip to the world since 2000 :flowers:)

We’ll be spending 8 days, 9 nights at Pop Century in a preferred room hopefully in either building 1, 3 or 10 (did online check in this time around so we’ll see if we get our requests honoured). We have a 5 day hopper and will be spending 2 days at US/IOA with express pass on the 1st day and 2 park entry on both (very much looking forward to experiencing the WWoHP). We will be on the QSDP, as we decided that the plan up from here would be too much food. Plus when we priced what we would be spending on the ADR’s we booked in relation to upgrading to the deluxe dining plan there was about a $400 difference, no need to pay the extra $400 for food if we’re not going to eat it!!

We’ll be meeting up with my DM’s youngest brother, his wife and their son (12) who will be flying in from the lovely islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Our trips are criss-crossing and our first few days will be their last few days (with better planning we could have all been there the same time, but don’t even get me started on that :angry:). Luckily they will also be at Pop, but don’t have hopper tickets so we haven’t figured out exactly how much time we’ll be able to spend with one another.

We have ADR’s for the following:

-50’s Prime Time Cafe at Hollywood Studios (very much looking forward to my first PB&J Milkshake)
-BOMA (Mom is really looking forward to her first visit here)
-Kona Cafe (yummm Lapu Lapu!)
-Whispering Canyon Cafe for our last dinner.

We will also be dining on one of our Universal nights at Latin Quarter on their City Walk.

So, I guess that’s all I have to say on this for now. Will be spending my last 6 days before we go on MB and around the web looking for any last minute tidbits that will help me out while we’re there. Can’t wait to get to WDW to have the time of our lives and then to return home to re-live the trip as I write my TR (which I’ll post in the TR forum)!


Your decorations are very cute. Hope you have a great vacation and please do a TR when you get back with lots of pictures.


Looks like you are set to go! Have a magical trip!


Wow, you are very prepared!!! I love it!!!


Can’t wait for the TR. Great preparation and decorations. Have fun!


I love how you are all prepped and ready to go! we want a TR with lots and lots of pictures please!


I’d say you’re all ready to go!! Just enjoy these last days of anticipation! Love your decorations!


Leaving tomorrow!! Supposed to be rain here tomorrow morning at departure time, not exactly thunderstorms, but I don’t think its going to be pretty, but I don’t think we’ll have a problem taking off.

We’re prepared to meet Irene our first 2-3 days there, but we’re trying our best not to let that dampen our spirits. Have had to re-arrange our pre-trip planning a bit in terms of touring, but believe that we’re good to go.

Wish us luck and happy and safe travels to anyone also flying out this weekend.


Have a wonderful time.


Have a safe trip. Hope that the hurricane keeps going east for you! Hope that it misses WDW all together!


Have a safe and wonderful trip- dont worry about Irene- you’re at WDW and nothing can dampen your spirits- plenty of notes and photos please, I need to live through your TR! Enjoy!