Ketchakiddee Creek(TL) or Tikes Peak(BB)?


Which water park do you think has a better children’s area for 4 & 7 yo boys(not thrill seekers). We went to TL on the last trip, so we were leaning towards trying BB this time. The kids loved Ketchakidde Creek at TL, but I noticed on the map it says you must be under 48" to play there, so I don’t think my 7 yo would make it. I also know he’s not up to tackling the big slides yet. My old BB map doesn’t show any height limits for Tike’s Peak. Does anyone know if a 7 yo could play there? Also, what it the Ski Patrol Training Camp? Would that be an area suitable for him? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


My kids have been going on the big slides since they were about 3, so we have never spent too much time at the kiddie areas. BB does have a bigger area with more variety than TL for little ones. They have a lazy tube ride and a bobbing pool also.


Thanks so much, Karliebug! I really appreciate the input, although your brave kids make me feel like mine are a bit wimpy… :blush:. But, I tried giving him a shower last night instead of a bath and he still freaks out when he gets water on his face! :crying: Maybe being at the water park will help him to get over that! (We can hope).


I’ve never been to TL, but I’ve been to BB and I LOVE it! :slight_smile: The Ski Patrol Training Camp is pretty darn awesome… there’s some small slides, some icebergs you can walk across by holding onto a net above you, and one of those riplines, I think they’re called (?), where you hold onto the bar and ride down a line, then drop into the water at the end.

I’m a big chicken too, but I’ve found a lot of slides at BB that I like. Some of them have 2-person tubes - maybe he wouldn’t be as scared if he could go down a slide with someone else riding with him? There’s also Teamboat Springs - a big 4-person raft ride that everyone can go on together. And of course the wave pool and the lazy river, like karliebug said! :slight_smile:

By the way, I looked up Tike’s Peak on - it says 48" or shorter too. :sad:


Great info., thanks PrincessJill! I think we’ll go ahead with our plan and give BB a try this time.


I also vote for BB!! My now 2 & 4 year-olds loved teh family raft ride at BB. Also, there are tube-like rides where you can ride 2 together!!
TL did nothing for them. Wave pool was too rough & the family raft ride there was really rough!
BB is the place!!


Ski Patrol Training Camp might be too “big” for them just yet… But the little kids’ areas are great at both. My kids enjoyed the TL version better, because the slides at BB are just a tiny bit more advanced (it’s funny, since they are both so mild!)


I’m so glad you asked this question, asp8tis! For our next trip in October our two boys will be 3 1/2 and 7, and I’ve always wondered which of the water parks would be better for kids their ages. Looks like BB gets the nod!

Dr. Teeth


That’s what we’ve decided too, Dr. Teeth. We’re really looking forward to it! I’ll let you know how it works out.