Keys to the Kingdom it is


With the DD’s 15 & 18 not wanting to be with us and go off on there own.:pirate: DW and I are taking the tour.

How is it?


It’s a lot of fun. Even knowing as much as most of us know it’s great to hear a few new things and see areas that aren’t ever open to us common visitors. I loved every part except the lunch. I don’t want to give away anything although I’m sure you’ve read almost every review about the tour. :slight_smile: But really it was really worth doing and I hope to do it again or another tour in the future.


Thanks! We are looking foward to it.:mickey:


DH and I did this a few years back when we took and adults only trip the MK, we throughly enjoyed the tour and will take the kids once they’re old enough. Enjoy!


We did this lat trip and it was fantastic! We had a great day and a fabulous tour guide called Ames! It’s a long day but you don’t see the time go by! We really enjoyed the lunch too - make sure you order a bottle of water though so you can keep it with you for the rest of the tour after lunch. We already knew most of the stuff he talked about but he had some interesting stories and we got to see the utilidors and foound out some interesting facts about them!


My DH and DS18 did this last year and loved it. I met them afterward and all they talked about for the rest of the trip was the great time they had. DH could not stop talking about all the little facts he learned about MK. I think your both going to love it!