Keys to the kingdom or lunch with an imagineer?


I can’t decide on which special experience to do for my son is graduated this year as a suprise, Keys to the Kingdom or lunch with an imagineer.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreicated.


I’ve done most, if not all of the currently offered tours, including Keys to the Kingdom.
I’ve also seen all of the WDW shows on cable.
So, I’d vote to do something different, which would be Lunch With An Imagineer.


I voted for the Keys to the Kingdom tour - I’ve always wanted to do it.


Lunch with an imagineer undoubtley. To get first hand insight into the company, to me, is priceless. Whatever you choose, is quite a gift!


We are huge Disney fans and try to experience everything WDW has to offer, but we’ve intentionally never done the Keys to the Kingdom tour. We decided this would take away a little bit of the magic. So it depends on the individual who would be going. I would enjoy a lunch with an imagineer. Hearing the stories they would have to tell, etc.


I’ve done both, Lunch with an Imagineer is AMAZING!!! Totally choose that one!


My husband and son did the keys to the kingdom tour. I wouldn’t go for the very same reason.


I’ve done both. And I enjoyed them both. However, if your son is a big Disney Dork like the rest of us, he probably already knows most of the information they tell you on the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Dining with an Imagineer is so much more personal. The Imagineer I got was sure to ask us all why we were there and what sort of information we were hoping to gain. He told us funny stories about his job - information you won’t find in books.


I think "I would choose lunch with the Imagineer. A friend of ours did the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. She is not as much of a Disney fanatic as my family and she knew most of what they told her on that tour from books and shows she’s watched. Plus, how cool would it be to be able to sit and talk with an Imagineer about what it is really like.


Thanks for all the feedback but I am still not sure.


Does the lunch provide you with one-on-one interaction with the Imagineer? I’ve done a “lunch with an astronaut” at the Kennedy Space Center and it was more of a guest speaker type of luncheon. They didn’t have time to talk with the individuals. I still enjoyed it and would do the same for the imagineer, but that might make a difference for you.


Well, I’ve taken some excerpts from my June/July 2008 TR that might help you out.


DITTO! I wouldn’t want to lose any Disney Magic! :wub: