Keys to the Kingdom Tour, Is this worth the money?


Trying to decide if we should do this in Sept.


ok guys yes or no. Worth 60.00 dollars a piece?


We did the tour about 5 years ago, and found it very interesting. It is a long tour. It was about 5 hours long, and a lot of walking, but we found it well worth the money. I think that some of it is also what tour guide you get and how much you interact with them.


I guess my feeling is that I have seen about as much as they’ll show you on TV about “behind the scenes”. I think they won’t show you more than that.
I would not want to take that much time out of my Disney fun to do it. We don’t go to WDW often enough :blush:
I know Llama had a problem with it on some level.


It’s definately worth it if you have a GREAT knowledgable guide. It’s a tour packed full of information and cool stuff you never get to see or experience anywhere else; like getting to see the parade floats in storage & learning how they work up close and personal, and also the hydro system behind Splash Mountain, etc. We did it once and really enjoyed it.


This tour is something I have considered as a gift for DH’s birthday- I guess its true what Wish says it really depends on what sort of guide you are assigned and what depth their knowledge.


I would say yes but never took the tour yet and would love to hear if you take it what you thought of it


We did this tour in April and we loved it. It was worth the money. You should do it.


It’s really a matter of preference. I know I won’t do it. It’s because part of the magic to me is wondering how they did something without actually knowing how they do something. Sure, I know that I am probably right in my assumptions, but, trying to figure it out is a lot more fun to me.


If you’re a tour person, you’ll like it. If you’re not a tour person, skip it.
It does get a little long towards the end and all tours do depend on how much the guide puts into it. It also includes lunch at Columbia Harbour House, and a special pin that isn’t available anywhere for purchase.


I’ll let you know after Labor Day weekend. DH and I are taking the tour on our kid free trip the last week of August. If you have a Disney Visa you get a small discount.


Passholders and DVC members also get discounts on tours of either 10 or 15%


What are the ages of the people in your group!?


yup, what he said, lol :laugh:


When we did the tour group members varied in ages greatly. There was another couple in their twenties, two older couples with teenaged children, some seniors, etc. There were no young kids, the youngest person in our group was approximately 17 years old.


We are going to do this in August, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s opinion! Thanks for putting this up!


Guess I’m kind of partial. As a CM who dedicates myself to protecting and defending the magic, especially in the line of work of entertainment, I’m really against any backstage tour period. I know I for one definitely wouldn’t want to discover the secrets or find out how things work, especially at the risk of ruining an illusion people try so hard to pull off. But also the fact that you’re paying 60 bucks to see nothing at all spectacular. A couple of dirty tunnels full of pargos, and random cast members on break, etc. Maybe there’s something else. Maybe it’s cause I live and work there everyday. But honestly, I don’t see anything that’s worth the money whenever a tour group passes me in the tunnel.


I don’t know if it’s worth the money, but I voted NO for the EXACT reasons stated above!

We go for the magic . . . the escape from the EVERYDAY world! I don’t need to see backstage . . . that’s why it’s called BACKSTAGE!! Besides . . . it’s Disney, they have been protecting their magic for years . . . so you know they aren’t going to give any of the good stuff away for 60 bucks! :laugh:

This is just MHO . . . you asked! :happy:


This is very important as most tours in WDW don’t allow anyone under the age of 16.
(Sorry, just checking in now and haven’t seen anyone else mention this on page one)


Rowdy, you know I’ve lived my entire adult life backstage so much of the illusion of magic at WDW was ripped away before I even set foot in the MK my very first time. I agree with your sentiments and I try not to disrupt other guests’, how shall I say, fantasies, especially the kids.
However, most of us here have seen every Disney program multiple times and have seen a good deal of the backstage areas that Disney wants us to see. As for me, there is very little technically in any show that I can’t figure out.
The amazing part for me is how much they spend to create and maintain the illusions.

I did make the mistake of taking a picture of one of the Jules Verne submarines backstage at Epcot during the UnDiscovered Futureworld tour and was told by the CM not to take any more. I did offer to delete the picture, but he told me not to worry.
I have never shown this picture to anyone and it’s never going to be posted.