Keys to the Kingdom tour? To do or not to Do?


I know this has been addressed before, but has anyone recently done this tour? I’m debating to do it this trip.


I did the tour in 2002 or 2003. My only complaint is by the time you’re down in the Utilador at the 5 hour mark, you’re starting to run out of gas.
I’d say that anyone obsessed enough to have over 1000 posts here would enjoy the tour.


I did it in July of 2008. My only real complaint was that most all of the information I was told on the tour I already knew. To Disney addicts like us, this is basic knowledge. It was neat to get to go backstage. I liked the walking part of the tour, too. It was a lot of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


We’re planning on doing this next trip! We’ve wanted to do it for a loooong time and have finally given into the urge! It looks great and its something new for us to do at Disney


I enjoyed it and would recommend it, especially if you go to Disney often enough to have the extra time to spend on the tour.


I highly recommend this tour, DH and I did it Aug 2008, it was a highlight to our trip. The Segway Tour at Epcot is another tour that should not be missed.

Another thing to remember, if you have a Disney Visa you get a discount of tours.


This is exactly what I was going to say. I liked getting to go backstage and see things I’ve never seen before, but the info was old news to us. I was hoping to learn something new.


It’s something I always wanted to do but never seem to. maybe next time


I agree with Soundgod - if you are a big enough Disney fan to hang out here, you will enjoy it. You might not learn lots of new stuff, but you will definitely get to see and experience new stuff.


How much is the discount for the Disney Visa? I wonder if it is more than the DVC discount?

We sent my mom on this tour in 2007 and she loved it! We are taking her again with us this year and I am trying to book her another tour, just haven’t decided which one yet!


Do it, it is worth every penny. The key to learning new stuff is ASKING QUESTIONS. DW and I probably asked 80% of the questions in our group, I’ve heard that some groups ask a lot and some don’t ask much at all. Out CM was excellent. He seemed to share lots more when asked direct questions, otherwise it was sort of the basic stuff.


i did the tour back in 03 and i as well loved it. very good to be able to go backstage.


I just can’t get myself to do this. I love the Disney magic too much! :wub: