Keys to the Kingdom tour


This coming December, on our 10th trip to the Magic Kingdom, we have decided to do the Keys to the Kingdom tour. What can you guys tell me about it?

John, Lincoln, ENGLAND


it is a long tour, but it is something everyone should do once.


DW and I took this tour three years ago and loved it. We were allowed into the park before opening. Our group was 16 people. I might be wrong but I do not think children under 16 were allowed. Our tour guide was very personable and gave us allot of insight into the MK. We rode a few rides as a group and had lunch, which is included, at the Columbia Harbour House. We went behind the scenes to the parade prep area and finshed in the Utilidoor area beneath the Magic Kingdom park. It was an eye opening experience that we are glad we got to experience.


Well worth the time (4-6 hours) if you can spare it.

Little one’s are not allowed - got to keep the magic alive. I’ve done it and plan on taking wife on tour in December.


Our experience was not good.

We felt it was too long, too boring and very short on magic. A waste of four precious park hours and a lot of money. The only thing that was good was lunch.


We did this a few years ago, and loved it. It is long (about 4 hours), but had a lot of insight and behind the scenes stuff that you would have never known about.


It is a long tour, but well worth it. I’d recommend reading the Unofficial Guide to Disney before doing it; it’ll give you a bit of background info on some of the rides before taking the tour.


We just did this tour and really liked it.It kinda gave us insight to all the effort that goes into making Disney World so magical.Our guide “Jason” was very nice and funny.Lunch was good at Columbia Harbour House.You also get a special pin at the end of your tour.Very Cool.I would recommend it.


DH did this tour last January and loved it. This was our second trip together to Disney (I had been there many times before, but him only 1 time for a day and had never been exposed).

He loved it- so much info I couldn’t get him to quiet down forever- but I loved listening to all of it

Now he’s as addicted as I am


DW and I just got back fro a quick GF stay for our 10th anniversary. We decided to take the tour since it was someting we had kinda always wanted to do and now with 5 year old twin DD’s, it would probably be another 11 years before we could do it!

It is a long tour, and towards the end, your legs might get a bit tired, but overall we were very glad we finallly did it. Our tour guide, Jerred, was a riot, the information was interesting, the lunch was very tasty. Got a bonus after lunch, was not expecting priority loading on HM and some of the insights he provided about that were things I had not read before, even after spending a lot of time on DOOMBUGGIES.COM. HM has been my favorite attraction for years.

The Utilidor portion of the trip was a bit of a letdown. My imagination of a futuristic city beneath the MK was off by a mile…LOL…I’ve seen Home Depots that were more interesting to look at, but in its defense, they have some pictures of the park being built and some memoribilia that was fun to see down below.

Bottom line, for true Disneyholics, I would highly recommend it. If you are on the fence or limited in your chances to visit the World, I probably would not burn 1/2 a day that could be spent topside. It was an easy decision for us…we are only a two hour drive away and just got our AP’s.



We are booked for the Keys tour in two weeks- is the tour four hours including lunch? Thanks for anyone who remembers!


Yes, our tour was right about 5 hours and lunch came about 2 1/2 hours into it. You make your choices when you check in and they have it all set out for you when you get to the restaurant.