Keys To The Kingdom tour?


Hi has any of you done the Keys To The Kingdom: A Behind The Scenes Tour?
I have been reading about it but still not sure if it is for me or not.

We have a few days in our schedule that we will be relaxing- when I saw the tour I thought it may be a good way of spending half a day.

is the trip worth the $$ is it still $60 each

what is the food like at Columbia Harbour House?

Thanks for your help:mickey:


Jimbo can’t help with an answer because like you we’ve never done that either. So I interested to hear the replies. I do know a few of our members have done the tour and found it most interesting.


Been there, done that.

Columbia House is a counter service place but the food is better than most in my opinion. They will take your order at the start of the tour and it will be waiting for you in a closed off area when you arrive for lunch.

The Keys tour is well worth doing. Gets you behind (and below) the scenes at WDW MK. But is it worth the better part of a day? Depends…if you’ve been plenty of times yes…if not and you’ve only got a few days in the world maybe not.

Now if you are Dixie and spending TWENTY SEVEN days you have time to do ALL of the tours! :laugh:


We did the tour many years ago, so I am not sure about the cost. It was worth it to us. If you have the time (as it is a long tour), it is worth it (IMHO). Columbia House is a CS, but better than most (even though or favorite is Casey’s). If you are looking for a kick back day, we would go for it. Would not repeat it, but something that should be done at least once in your travels.



Well I’m not as lucky as Dixie but we are going for !4 day’s- 11 of them will be spent around Disney world. So as i said we will look at this as been a relaxing day, as we will be just two adults we can squeeze more in to our days and go at different pace. we have done a lot around Disney and always look for something different to do.

Once only events for us are swimming with dolphins, hot air ballooning and shark dive.

Can you take any photos or Video on the tour??


Took the tour in August 2007 and LOVED it! It was well worth the cost. DH and I thoroughly enjoyed the day and our lunch at CHH. We also got to enter HM via the VIP entrance and them do the ride. It was totally awesome. You will not be disappointed.


I forgot to mention that if you have the Disney Visa card, you get a discount on tours.

One more note, everyone in your party must be 16 years of age to take the tour.


We could. There were places and things that were restricted, and you could not photograph. They warned us if we were caught taking photos in restricted areas, they would confiscate the camera.


From my June 2008 TR:

We were supposed to meet at 9:15. We were given name tags and water bottles and were told to be back at 9:30. They gave us little earpieces so that we could hear our guide.

We started on Main Street and (rode the Jungle Cruise) worked our way to Columbia Harbor House for lunch… which soon became my dad’s favorite quick service restaurant when he learned that there’s rarely a crowd. Here our places were marked with little name tags… inside were our Key to the Kingdom pins. I had ordered the Tuna Sandwich… I’m not particularly a tuna fan, but it looked like the most expensive thing on the menu, and I’m all about getting my money’s worth. It was actually very good. My dad got the House Salad and ended up eating my potato chips (I wouldn’t have eaten them, anyway). After lunch, we rode the Haunted Mansion and then worked our way through Fantasyland. We then went into the Utilidors. After that, we spent a little more time backstage, then went back to Main Street where we concluded our tour.

Well, for the most part, I enjoyed it. I believe our tour guide’s name was Jerrid… I remember it was spelled funny. He was rather young… late 20s. He was easy to hear and follow. However, a lot of the information he told us, I had already read… either in An Imagineer’s Guide to the Magic Kingdom, one of Walt’s biographies, or on the Internet. Since I had already done extensive study on the Magic Kingdom (I made a Disney ABC book in 7th grade, and M was for Magic Kingdom… and U was for Utilidor), I knew a lot of what he told us already.

When we went backstage behind the McDonald’s Fry Cart, I had already been back there when we went to get ready for the parade in February. However, I found the tour of the parade float area very interesting. I also found the Utilidors rather interesting, and wished we could’ve spent more time down there… covered more of the underground area.

So, overall, I was pleased with the tour. I thought it was worth the money. And I think I’d like to take the 7-hour, 3-park tour one day.


WoW what is the three park tour and how much is that?? Which parks it would be fun to do MK, AK and epcot

I’m pleased to hear that you can take some Photo’s, love the " have your Carma’s confiscated if you take photos in a restricted area" sounds like Willy wonkers:laugh::laugh:


You also get a discount on tours if you are an annual passholder.
We did the Keys tour some years back. It was enjoyable and you do get backstage and behind the scenes, but, it is a very long tour and by the time you’re down in the Utilador towards the end, you will be getting a bit sleepy.
PS: You are not allowed to take pictures backstage on ANY WDW tour.


We did the Keys to the Kingdom Tour 2 years ago and enjoyed it, although I felt like a lot of the information on the tour was pretty basic & not as well geared to people who know a lot about the Magic Kingdom & Disney in general. Although, in my opinion, the price of the tour is worth it alone because you get to go into the “Utilidors” and a lot of other cool ‘behind the scenes’ areas. I personally really like the food at Columbia House, we eat lunch there on nearly every WDW trip. The tuna sandwich is great.


PS: You are not allowed to take pictures backstage on ANY WDW tour.[/QUOTE]

:pinch:No photos anywhere backstage- that sucks:confused:

Still considering the tour!!


We went on the keys to the kingdom tour it was great. The tour told us about things we never knew. I would recommend this tour, you will also get a surprise when you get to your table for lunch it’s so cool. I will not ruin the surprise. It’s something you will have forever and always be able to remember the tour.


“Dam” Now I just have to do it to find out what the surprise is!!:laugh::laugh:

you should not do that to people:cool: