Keys to the kingdom tour...Worth the cost?


Hello everyone,
I just wanted to ask those who have gone on the tour if they think ~$80 a person is worth it to take the keys to the kingdom tour? I dont really know what they will be showing us besides the tunnels. Is it a fun tour that my teens will like or just informative that me and the DW would enjoy?
All comments/opinions are appreciated. :smile:


I know that you’ll probably get some mixed reactions here, but we did this in June and LOVED it. While I’m not a WDW encyclopedia like some people are, we did know a good 65 - 70% of the things that they told us about. But there was quite a bit of information that we didn’t know as well!

They will take you around various areas of the Magic Kingdom, you will ride a few rides such as JC, POTC, HM and they’ll give you some background info & history of the rides, you’ll go backstage, you’ll dine in an exclusive area upstairs at the Columbia, and it is well worth the cost.

If you have the time and you’ve been to WDW before, give it a shot! I think you’ll really enjoy it.


My DH and I took the tour in 2007. I think it was around $60 then. Any way we really loved it. We did it a couple of days into the trip so we had a chance to see the park one way and then to go over and see the park in a new light. It was really great. We met at the meeting spot before the park opened and had a chance to walk around with no one else really around. Our tour leader was Matthew and it was easy to tell he loved his job and had a lot of knowledge about the company. We talked about the history of the Disney company, the history of WDW and of MK. He took us behind a couple of the rides and pointed out some really cool facts about some of the areas. We had lunch at the Columbia Harbour House. I think out of every place I had eaten that trip it was the most unimpressive. It was already sitting out when we got there and it was cold and bland. We got a special pin for taking the tour. If they still offer the pin make sure you get it when you’re there. My parents didn’t receive theirs and have never been able to get it.

Over all I didn’t find that it ruined any magic for me. I already went into it knowing a lot of Disney history. I learned a few new things. As for the tunnel. You go down in one area and they talk about a few things while you’re down there. I found that very interesting.

I don’t know how teens would like it. We were in our 30s and we really liked it. I guess it really depends on what they’re into. This tour was a lot of walking, listening and discussing.

If I were going on it now and saw that it was $80 a person I think I’d still take it at least once. I know that I’m looking forward to when our kids are old enough to start taking tours.


If you have kids and can’t or don’t want to pay the $80 for the KTTW tour there is another option. Disney Youth Education Series | Disney Youth Groups In the Y.E.S Program you could go in your own group if you have 10 students or more at a greatly reduced rate or you can sign up in an independent group where you’ll be with others. Cost for tour is $26, which is included if you buy your tics through the program (at HUGE discounts) or extra if you have AP’s or want a 2nd tour and they do take you in the park 2 hrs before opening and behind the scenes + riding the rides on your tour first. Granted it’s no where near the info you’d get through KTTW but if kids are involved it may offer them a taste of what touring is like. We did it 2 summers ago for kids that ranged 4th-12th grade and they loved it.


We did the tour in 2008 and LOVED it…it’s worth the $$


My kids are sending DW and I for my birthday present. I am really looking forward to it. Are cameras allowed behind the scenes? I am guessing no.


Absolutely not. And don’t be reaching for those cell phones either. Disney is VERY restrictive about what gets out from off stage.

It’s a fun tour with lots of trivia and should be experienced once. Then again, if your time is limited, it takes a good chunk of the day.


Figured as much and it is not an issue with me at all. We have a week this time, our longest stay ever at WDW, so time is not an issue. Plus we have the 24 hour deal while we are there.


For us, it was well worth the money! Again, we knew about alot of the stories our guide told us, but he made them sound so nw and exciting. He also told us lots of tales and tid bits of information we didn’t know which was great!

Going backstage was exciting, though not as glamorous as you might imagine. Behind the scenes, it really does look like a work enviroment (though how else would it look? lol). I only say this as I have heard people in the past complain that the tour has taken some of the shine from their trips, but they do tell you before you book that you might see some things you might not like (mostly with regards to the characters)!

For us, it has only aided in adding to our experiences at WDW. On my past trip with my very non-disney bf, I was able to point out little bits and bobs I had learnt on the tour that really interested him which was great! We talk about the tour often and the things we seen / learnt. Yes, it’s a shame we couldn’t take any pictures, but in a way, I like that. I like the fact that the majority of the tour hasn’t found its way onto YouTube etc! It makes you feel like you have something secret and special!


My parents have done this and they loved it. I really want to do it with my daughter now that she is older.
All four of us did the Magic behind our steam trains several years ago and it was wonderful. My stepfather really likes trains and he really enjoyed it. They let my daughter switch the tracks to take us to the roundhouse. I got pictures of an empty MK down Main Street to the Castle, because this tour starts before MK opens. However, when a backhoe came onto Main Street to swap out a potted tree, the tour guide said “please, put your cameras down. There will be no more pictures at this time. We need to move on.” Nothing backstage to destroy the magic. I’m all for that.


I have always wanted to take that tour in person rather than watching on TV but I am not willing to give up even a minute above ground. 5 hours is a looooong time :crying:
or am I looking at this the wrong way?


Dopey just think of it as sinking yourself into Disney and absorbing it in. It’s not 5 hours away from the Magic. It’s 5 hours of extended Magic.


Yes, yes, you have a point. Except I think I have heard all there is to hear :laugh:


Never. I can never hear enough about Disney. Even if I heard it before, I can hear it again. and again. and again. and I love it every time.


So true, when I think how many times I have watched the Disney shows on the Travel channel, the History channel, the National Geographic channel. It’s never enough. :laugh:


I guess I’m on the other side of the coin…Keys to the Kingdom was the only time I have ever asked for my money back…our experience was terrible…from the shooting garbage tubes (lovely smell in 90 degrees), the “unmagical” corridors (if one more golf cart beeped at me I would have lost it) and the two rides we were suppose to experience being out of commssion… and no ‘back-up’ plan. Seriously - would you want to stand for one half hour while a guide ‘explains’ the Pirates of the Caribbean? stand in a broiling parking lot for a half hour staring at the cable Tinkerbell flies down nightly? This is “magic”? Not a good experience. On the upside our guide introduced us to the Columbia Harbour House Tuna Sandwich…

A broken float is not my idea of magic. Yes - that is what they showed us - and from a distance - because we weren’t allowed to get “too close”. Uh-huh - Disney, I love you, but you just aren’t that precious. As Dopey said, it just about killed me to watch everyone enjoying themselves while I felt completely trapped. What made it worse was the MK was absolutely empty!


[QUOTE=Captain Bax;1093501]Hello everyone,
I just wanted to ask those who have gone on the tour if they think ~$80 a person is worth it to take the keys to the kingdom tour? I dont really know what they will be showing us besides the tunnels. Is it a fun tour that my teens will like or just informative that me and the DW would enjoy?
All comments/opinions are appreciated. :smile:[/QUOTE]

So this may be my most unusual experience, Im replying to my own question:laugh:.
So we went on the 9:00 trip and yes 5 hours later we were tired. So my thoughts are/were these. It was worth doing but not really worth the price ( and we are a Dis family so that says a lot). You do get a nice little history story of how WDW came to be and even an insider story about Roy finishing what Walt couldnt,but other than learning about “force perspective” not really a learning experience. The underground experience was anti-climatic but still interesting. Also as a previous poster stated the explanation of the Orange smelling garbage smell explained a bit but that smell was stuck in my nostrils for the rest of the day. Also if you are expecting a guided escort through HM you are mistaken (you will however learn of the designed and the unintended hidden mickey).

Finally I would say that if you have been many times and dont mind using 5 hours of your trip not doing normal park things then i might suggest doing this. AT roughly $80 a ticket i would again say if you have the money to just blow then do it. From my perspective as a long term fan I would not suggest this unless you are an absolutely hardcore Dis fan.

-Captain Bax


might just try it next trip