Keys to the Kingdom


BFF, BFF, DW, and I are registered for the Keys to the Kingdom Tour and we were just curious what anyone thought about the tour. All four of us are quite the Disney Dorks and have quite a bit of knowledge about the parks so we were curious what other MBers thought who have done it.


LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT and oh yeah LOVED IT! The lunch was not great but the tour was fantastic. We had Matthew and I would love to take it again some day! He didn’t just cover how the park works but the history, which I loved. Also gave some insight as to how things changed over the years and how things almost turned out because of hard economic times. He also took us behind an area that wasn’t on the list of stops for the day. Very cool! Because I’ve studied about Disney and already had half a clue about things I didn’t find that the tour ruined any of the magic for us.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Thanks InHouseMouse! We are all excited! If by some lucky chance we are lucky enough to get Matthew I will make sure to tell him that he comes highly recommended! :mickey:


I just did this tour on 11/18/10 and it was GREAT!!! I loved it so much. I hadn’t done this since 1999 and boy it’s was informative and fun.

The lunch at Columbia Harbour House was ok. Ames was our guide and was entertaining and knowledgable and cute too! :blush:

We went on the Jungle Cruise, Pirates and Haunted Mansion.

You will enjoy it this tour very much. Have fun!!


It’s worth doing if you’ve got the time. Trivia & behind (and below) the scenes that you wont see unless you go to work for the mouse!


I did this tour back in 2008.

I have a review on it somewhere on MB. I will go search for it.

My main disappointment in the tour was that for Disney dorks like us, the information they shared was not new. I knew everything they told me in the first half of the tour about Walt Disney and the design behind Magic Kingdom in comparison to Disneyland (such as the story of the cowboy in Tomorrowland at DL - reason for the Utilidors, significance of the names on the Main Street Windows, central hub in front of Cinderella’s Castle, etc.).

The cool part of the tour for me were the behind-the-scenes parts. I had been backstage at MK before with the marching band, but they took us to where the parade floats were stored and showed us the testing and what they were working on. They also took us “underground” to the utilidors, which I had never seen before. That was my favorite part.

Now, a lot of people don’t like seeing the utilidors because it ruins the magic for them. I appreciated seeing how the park worked, and it didn’t ruin any magic for me, but enhanced it. So beware if you don’t like knowing that there is a man inside Goofy or that Cinderella isn’t really a platinum blonde. :laugh:

Here’s a recap from my June 2008 TR:


The lunch at Columbia Harbour House was ok. Ames was our guide and was entertaining and knowledgable and cute too! :blush:

We went on the Jungle Cruise, Pirates and Haunted Mansion. [/QUOTE]

We all enjoy the CHH so hopefully that will not disappoint. Did I read some where that they assign your seating for lunch?

I am really looking forward to doing the JC with a good skipper. I am assuming that our guide will be the skipper and should be better than the last 20 we have had.


I really do hope to work for the mouse one of these days. I am really excited to see a more back stage areas. We got to see a little bit when we were diverted off of Main St. last year during the filming of the Christmas Day Parade (early in December).

Maybe when I retire from teaching (like 30 years from now :blink:) I will work there! :mickey:


LittleMissMagic, thank you for going and looking for your recap of your tour. After reading it, it seems like our experience will be a lot like yours. We already know a lot of info about the park but will be excited for the utilidors specifically.


I have never gone to the Columbia Harbour house for Lunch before so I don’t know what it’s usually like but it was really one of the worst meals I had in Disney. My parents weren’t to happy with it either when they did it. I think I had chicken fingers and fries. It was cold and bland. I think one of the issues may have been that we were running late for lunch and it was already on the table for us.

Our seating was arranged with a name tag and a special key pin. Sadly my parents didn’t get their pin when they went on the tour. They had booked the tour for a certain day before opening. I told them to go to the MK to the little building for the tour. But some wingnut at Disney told them to go to EPCOT to get the tour. Makes no sense but they went to EPCOT to catch the tour for MK… didn’t work out. So they had to rebook for another day. So they didn’t have a pin for them or something. Kind of a let down about the pin. But they still really enjoyed the tour.

Are you starting the tour before park Opening?


I will be so excited to read your report when you do KTTKT, as I intend to book this as a surprise for my DH next trip. He is lucky enough to have his birthday when we are at the World so this would be a great present, and something we’d all be interested to see.

However, we did once see behind Main St when we were diverted out due to over crowding of Main St.


You will definitely enjoy the tour. I knew alot of the info the guide gave us but there was so much I did not know and it was cool to go behind the scenes to see the floats and see behind Splash Mountain when it was closed for refurbishment.


Are you starting the tour before park Opening?[/QUOTE]

Our tour starts at 9:00, which is when the park opens that day. So I do not know if we will be able to see the rope drop or if we will be inside MK just before the rope drop.

Do you (or anyone else) know how that will work?


However, we did once see behind Main St when we were diverted out due to over crowding of Main St.[/QUOTE]

I am curious to know if you saw the same part we did! When we entered town square we were sent to the right in the alley just past Tony’s but before the bakery. We walked along the back of the bakery, art store, crystal store, etc. and we came out betweem the Plaza Restaurant and the Noodle Terrace.


Is Splash always part of the tour or was it just because it was down at that time?


It’s great. I loved it. I had read a bunch of stuff they told us, but I learned a lot. Definitely worth doing.


We are excited!


Yes, they did assign seating for lunch. They had our names with our “key”. We were seated with a honeymoon couple from Tokyo. It was fun talking with them. Our table was for 4 people.


We just did this tour two days ago. Our guide was Claire and she was absolutely fabulous. You would be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated and knowledgable. We really enjoyed the tour very much. We sat with a couple from Edmonton and had a nice lunch at CHH, although I really don’t care for that counter service.


Only 19 more days! We are all getting pretty excited about it! Thanks, leslieh, for sharing!:mickey: