Kidani or Bay Lake?


I have seen the pics of Kidani and think they are amazing, which are people voting on as better? Kidani or BLT?


To me, I think that they are two totally different resorts (theme, location, style/setup) and shouldn’t really be compared to each other. Each one has certains things the other can’t offer.


Wow, I absolutely struggled with the same question. We were already DVC members and we wanted to add on points at either Kidani or BLT. They both speak to our favorite design aesthetics; I LOVE sleek modern design like BLT but my favorite resort was always AKL so I was very excited about Kidani.

I still don’t think I can pick a favorite over the other until I stay at both. I have a nagging feeling though that BLT is going to win for us; Bay Lake has always felt like ‘home’ to me, it’s SO close to the MK & monorail, etc.

We shall see!


We haven’t stayed at either but for us based on just what we’ve seen I would have to go with Kidani. It is like nothing we’ve seen and Bay Lake is a beautiful place but like other Hotels it does have location going for it though


They are so different that it is hard to compare. I do have to say that when we looked at the model rooms of both on our last trip, we didn’t really like the layout of the studio rooms at BLT with the kitchenette backed up against the bathroom vanity/sink. I preferred the Kidani layout, but I wouldn’t let that be a dealbreaker!


I think that’s pretty much going to be a draw.

Really depends on what you want to see out your window. Each of the DVC locations has some pluses for their location, yes…even SSR and OKW.

Looking forward to staying at BLT in Dec. Haven’t made it to AKV yet. I will stay in all of them…sooner or later.


I’d pick BLT for the location. :wub:

But for the quiet and beauty Kidani. :heart: Plus my DDs LOVE animals.

Just from the small peak I’ve seen, they both seem very different to me and hard to compare.


BLt for location and AK for theme…neither is better, but both are in their own way. Hard choice based of pictures. I would have to stay at both to have a true opinion.


We have seriously considered BLT, for one reason, location, location, location… Otherwise, Kidani looks awesome!