Kidani pool?


I have been looking online for construction pics of the new pool area, and have run across news that the pool has no opening date set, and that it might not open along with the rest of the village? Can this be true?

We booked Kidani Village for July, with the understanding that the pool would be in full swing. Fingers crossed. Any info would be appreciated!


When I called to book our June trip I SPECIFICALLY asked if “all amnities, including the new pool area” will be open in Kidani Village by that time and I was told, “Yes, absolutely.” This was the Member Services CM that booked my trip so I’m not sure how exact her information was, as we know their knowledge can vary greatly, but it did sound like a pretty confident yes.

Oh, MissDis, TRUST ME, if that awesome pool area, etc… isn’t open when I go I’ll be STEAMY MAD!!! I’ve been looking forward to that pool since they announced Kidani Village construction.


Well, if the pool isn’t ready by opening, once Wishy gets thru with them, you’ll have no worries.:biggrin:

But really, if it’s not open, that just stinks. I know things happen but it would be awful to have to walk 1/2 mile to go to the main lodge pool. Plus that pool isnt that big to start with.:glare:


I think alot of people would be really mad if it wasn’t open - it would totally feel like some of the magic wasn’t there. It better be! I can’t wait to see pics the drawings looked awesome!


I’m going May 11th-and REALLY hope the pool is up and running. Even without walking to the main pool, you can take the bus-but who wants to do that in your swimsuit? Ew-especially on the way back. I really hope it’s up