Kidani Question


We are staying in a savannah view studio in August. I thought that I read that even numbered rooms had better views?? Where is a good location to request? Thanks!!


I wish I had paid more attention to how the rooms were numbered… I do remember that it was odd on one side of the hall and even on the other. I had a parking lot view room, which was fine for us, and it was on teh side of the resort closest to Jambo House, which was very convenient.
I can tell you that ifyou are interested in the best view, the only thing I would suggest is that you request a room that is as high as possible… a first-floor room will not give you as expansive a savannah view as a room on the top floor.


DW and DD stayed a day longer than I did last year and stayed in a Savannah view studio. Here’s the room and here’s the view.


ohhhh…I hope we have that kind of view!!!


4266 had a great Savannah view :slight_smile:


Any other recommendations?


mommy, don’t miss the Community Hall. It is a really excellent place with a great pool table! And in the lobby in the evenings, they CMs play fantastic music and dance with the kids and any adults who are willing! And the bar downstairs has truly excellent vodka & tonics!


I have a great suggestion…Take me with you! Doug can hang with his parents and the kids and you and I can explore!!! Keep saving Sept 2011 will be here soon! Girls weekend in WDW:goofybounce::goofybounce:


I know who can rent you points. :laugh: Didn’t realize you were on here too.


She’s been on here more and more-the addiction is pretty bad!!


We stayed at Kidani Village this past September and were on the Pembe Savanna which opened at the beg of September. I can’t remember the room# but we were 7 “sections” down from the main lobby and on the left side which were even#'s. We didnt have any girafffs or african cattle they are all on the sunset savannah. We had red river hogs (My new favorite they are soooo cute), okapi, lots of impala’s, blue crane birds and some other small black bird. When you stood on the balcony and looked to the right there were fenced pens and stables/small barn like where they kept animals that weren’t out on the safari they were in there to eat, and to medically checked out etc. If I had to pick which view I would want either Savannah or Pembe I would go with Pembe because there is no other place at Kidani to see these animals other than from the windows in that hallway, a small view from the pool area and the of coarse your room view. Just my thought!

Kidani Village map: Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village Map | Animal Kingdom Lodge Fansite


Here is the link to my trip report & there are pics of the room and pembe savannah etc…