Kidani Village drop off


How bothersome is the bus ride to AKL? I’ve read (elsewhere) that the Kidani Village stops are a big bother. How much of a prob is it? I know everyone has a different comfort level of waiting but just give me an idea.

We’ve always stayed at AS’s and never had any concerns with the bus rides.


It’s no worse than any other route where they make a couple of resort stops, as most resort buses do.


Haven’t ridden a bus to AKL since they opened the Kidani Village wing, but I’d have to agree with RL here and say it’s no worse than any other two stop bus route in WDW.


They were no bother at all when we were there last month!! Even though it was busy, everyone made it on the bus. Kidani picked up first and dropped off first!!


I probably just read posts from people with particularly low tolerances to ‘waiting’.:tongue: I figured as much. We’ve never had a prob w/Disney buses.


Kidani is the same as any other resort on property.


We waited a long time today to get a bus from AK to AKL. Once we were on the bus they stopped at Jambo first and then Kidani. It wasn’t too bad, though.