Kidani Village Pool - BEES!


Just an fyi, but there are an unusual high number of honey bees around the pool at Kidani Village this week. Not sure why, but there have been a few stings. Jambo House pool does not seem to have the same problem.


They do spray for them quite frequently. Could be due to a certain flower blooming etc. Harmless unless you are allergic…


Disney sprays for honeybees? This upsets me… Is this a spray to try to repel them or kill them?


They spray to repel them and the only reason I know this is while staying at the POFQ one year, the Bartender got stung and needed to use her EPI pen. She told me they must need to spray again. Being me, I also asked them if they kill or repel.


Well, at least it’s repel and not kill, I guess… but I’m still a little bothered by this. I understand from a guest safety point of view. But I just got educated in Animal Kingdom by a Wilderness Explorer troop leader about the plight of the honeybees and how they’re disappearing and how much we need them and how we can help protect them and encourage them to come around. So I guess it just bothers me that Disney preaches honeybee protection in one area and then turns around and sprays for them in another.