Kidani Village Shop?


Anyone know if AKL- Kidani Village has a little shopping area to get waters and snacks or if we have to go to the main AKL to get them.


Yes, there is a gift shop in the lobby that carries all sorts of snacks, sodas, water bottles, etc., and hot Nescafe coffee in the morning. It also has plenty of foods to microwave or toast in your room. Mmmmm Pop Tarts…


That’s great thanks!


Can those staying at AKL get access to the AKV shop or are we restriced to the Zawadi Market Place in Jambo House?


Yep, just walk on in.


The shop, Johari Treasures, in Kidani Village is awesome! They have the typical DVC grocery section, mug/drink station, Disney merch., toilettries/health & beauty stuff, and even DVD rentals. Oh, and liqour too. haha. It’s located right in the lobby, you can’t miss it.


Just wanted to add that the CMs we met at the Kidani shop in September were incredibly friendly and helpful!