Kidani's Disney Wonder TR 2/4/1/-2/7/10


Ok I am going to start my trip report.

We left out to go to the airport Thursady morning at 5am. I was up at 3:30am getting the kids up and dressed (just had went to be at midnight because I packed at the last min. like an idiot) Get to the airport without an incident, then I guess due to lack of sleep, we started getting on each others nerves. Let me go over my cast
DD 15
DD 5
DS 4

flight took us to MCO on time, my youngest two children thought we were going to the hotel for a few days. Once we hit MCO they knew the Mouse was involved. We took the shuttle to Port Canaveral which was packed (the shuttle):laugh:
note: They used to check you in for the cruise at the dock, but now if you fly you check in at the airport, get your key to the world etc there. Only folks that drive straight there check in at the dock. (received my Castaway Club lanyards for myself, DH and youngest two, oldest chose not to go on the first cruise despite our using points for her to go,so she didn’t receive one, this was her first cruise. She wasn’t happy, that’s what happens when you say no to the mouse.:laugh:)

We arrive at the dock at about 11:00am, can’t get on the ship until 12. Hanging around, check out the DVC booth which was unmanned :pinch: Signed the kids up for the Oceanears Club and then went and took pics to go with our KTW cards. A lot has changed in the last 14 mths from the first cruise. A lot more security measures. Once on board we got lunch at Parrot Cay, on of the three main dining halls. It has a island theme, during lunch we ran into our old server Vesco loved him.

Lunch(don’t remember what anyone ate :laugh::blush::laugh::laugh::blush:) was over, but too early to enter the rooms (hallways sectioned off until 1:30) so we watched a movie by the pool. DD5 driving us bananas to drop her off at the kids club, but to our horror doesn’t open until 6:00pm. (the first cruise we kept them with us most of the time because they were so little and we get crazy for our kids, but the little time they spent there they loved and they made us promise to let them spend more time there)

note: if you have a problem with the chemicals in hand sanitizer or sani-wipes this is not the place for you, 'cause you’re hit up the whole voyage:laugh:


Holy cow, you had a lot to juggle there.
Ok, so on with the report and please post pictures :biggrin:


Great start! Can’t wait to read more!


Great start! Cant wait to read more and see PICTURES


So glad they loved the kids’ club! It’s nice to have a moment away from mom and dad!


Great start! Can’t wait to see pics!


Can’t wait to hear more. Pictures please.
I’d love to do a cruise, but DH has no interest.


Mine is the same exact way, until they announced the cruise to Alaska. Guess what we are doing for our 25th wedding anniversary!


[QUOTE=MickeyEars;1017302]Can’t wait to hear more. Pictures please.
I’d love to do a cruise, but DH has no interest.[/QUOTE]

Mine was the same until our first one. Now he has the bug, but not as bad as me.


Ooo, can’t wait for this TR. We went on a 4-day cruise on the Wonder back in '07. I really want to go again. I hope there’s lots of pics.


Can’t wait to read more, I would love a cruise but its not in the budget so I want to live vicariously through yours.


Ahhh!!! What fun! Now… pictures, pictures, pictures!!! :laugh: :happy:


My DH so wants to go on the Alaska cruise too! DD said no way since she’s afraid of icebergs :blink: (just learned about the Titanic in school!!)


Really…!!! The kids really want to try a cruise. I’m sure I’ll get him on one sometime in the future, it’s just a matter of when.


Looking forward to more of your TR. Bring on the pics and details!


where is the TR and pics? I rushed straight home from work. I need pics :laugh:


Ok so I don’t have many pics yet because I took disposable cameras with me and haven’t gotten them developed, but my daughter snapped a few with hers(digital). I bought a digital one on board the last night and took pics of the ship pictures because I don’t have a scanner and I wanted to show something on MB until my other pics are available on line. Those pics were so expensive, but I want all of mine. Once my regular pics are back I will post them.
My daughter has the date on her camera wrong so ignore the big 2008 date.


I just did another post and got kicked off:pirate:

My Castaway Club gifts Yay!


4:00pm safety drill
4:15pm Sail Away Party
4:30pm DVC Meet n Greet. I went with DD5. Played DVC related BINGO (questions were related to membership and trip destinations). We also played trivia games. I won a light fleece blanket like the ones you get on airlines. They gave us a bunch of DVC member hats. They were just like the ones we received before but these had tan brims.

My blanket (didn’t want to take it out because I know I will never be able to fold it uo as nicely as they did)


We were placed in second seating dining by mistake which started at 8:15pm, so we went to see the Golden Mickeys ( a musical) at 6:15pm. Loved it, loved it, loved it.