Kidcot fun spots


Are there any Kidscot’s located in Future World or are they just in the World Showcase?:blink:


A yr ago, there was something at living seas, innovations, and the land. Not sure of anywhere else. Also at that time, most places had markers. For my DGD I brought some crayons along. Markers and a 2 yr old do not mix.


Yep! They are all over.
Innovations East and West, Living Seas, Living with the land . . . they are NOT the masks, they are a lanyard you wear around your neck and they attach different images for the kids to color . . . a shark, a venus fly trap, etc.

It used to be if you completed all the stations in Future World, you could go to guest relations and pick up a FREE poster from Goofy. Not sure they are still doing that though??



SHARPIE is the sponsor, but come on now . . . permanent markers and MOST kids DO NOT MIX! :laugh::laugh::laugh:


I cannot stand the markers and they aren’t even washable, my kids hands turn magical colors lol! We love to d them all and last year they were still giving out the picture of the gang at Epcot!


Another vote for ousting permanent markers!! Thanks for the sponsership Sharpie, but come on now…permantently stained clothes doesn’t make me happy. :pinch:

Great tip about the free poster upon completion of the Futureworld exibits. I didn’t know about those exibits. This was the first year that our kids 2/4/6 were really into the Kidcot stations. We did the passport book as well and the kids really loved the little sayings that all the CM’s wrote in their book in different languages.


DD10 and DD8 have only been mildly interested in Kidcot stations in the past. This thread is making me think we should encourage it a little more on our trip in August. Thanks for starting this one, seeker84.


Those kidcot stations are so cute! I think if they’d let me, Id still sit down and colour in for a while! I still have the passport I got filled in around the showcase from our first trip, we had such a great time chatting with the CM’s from the different pavillions!


My DDs LOVE this! Do you know how many of those masks and lanyards I have!! YIKES! :laugh: