Kidd's Kids FYI


I hope it is okay to put this info out there…

For those of you who don’t know about Kidd Kraddick’s Kidd’s Kids, he is a DJ housed in Dallas, and he created an organization that takes children to WDW every November. It is for children who are terminally or chronically ill. They get first class hotel accommodations and their immediate families enjoy the trip with them. The families would otherwise not be able to take the children on a trip like this. Doctors and nurses donate their time to come along on the trip to make sure that the children have proper care while on vacation. The airline donates the flight accommodations and the employees donate their time to fly the families to and from Disney.

Today is their big fund raiser day. Although, people can donate year around, they choose one day a year to raise most of their money.

"I founded Kidd’s Kids in 1991 with the hope of making a difference in the lives of terminally and chronically ill children. Each year, Kidd’s Kids offers five amazing days of suspended reality to children whose lives have been ravaged by disease. Kidd’s Kids children and their families are given the chance to experience the exuberance of being “normal.” That is the gift that you and I can offer by supporting the Kidd’s Kids organization.

Signed, KIDD"

Kidd’s Kids


They are on ustream.

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