Kids Activities


My family and I have been looking for something special for my little sister to do while we are in WDW. She is 10 and says she is “too grown up” for Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, but I have found two other activities I think she will like.
The Wonderland Tea Party and Disney’s Pirate Adventure. I am not sure which one we will choose yet.

Has anyone done either of these, if so how were they… I have berely seen any reviews.

or has anyone read any reviews on either of them?

heres the link about it on the disney website: Kids Activities | Walt Disney World Resort
(scroll all the way down)


My daughter did the Pirate Adventure during our last trip. She was 7. It seemed really cute & she had a great time. The kids got Mickey Bandanas with ears & went on a boat. They went to different islands to look for “pirate treasure.” A lunch was provided. When they got back all the kids were smiling & seemed to have had a great time. They got to keep the ears & some of the treasure they found. Most of the kids seemed to be in the 6-9 yr range that day. I don’t know if it’s always that way or not. Hope she has fun whatever you pick & I am sure someone will come along with more reviews or other ideas as well. Have a great trip. :pirate::pirate:


I think I remember reading something about kids making cookies or something in Epcot. It’s not the cooking adventure that got canceled but something else. Hopefully someone will come along & help me out so I don’t look completely crazy!:laugh: If I didn’t make this up, it could be another option. Making cookies is always fun!


Our kids did the Pirates Adventure out of the GF. They were reluctant at first, but ended up having a great time. They all came back singing songs and wearing the pirate hats.

Here is a link to their “pirate ship” sailing away.


I think the pirate thing may be to young for her but the tea party is amazing. DD 9 LOVED it! Maybe the bibbity bobbity boutique would not be to young. DD 9 would also LOVE that, And they have a pirate version as well which we may try when we go in three weeks.


thanks for all the help! does anybody know if the pirate adventure is mostly boys or is their a fair share of girls too?


At least for the voyage my kids were on, it was a pretty good mix - slightly over half boys.


For 10, unless she’s really into the Princess thing i’d go with the Pirate Adventure.
Something mine had fun doing for the first time was Epcot. The Kim Possible Missions. They also enjoyed getting passports and going around the world through Kidcots getting them stamped with special messages in the language of the lands. Usually that’s their least fav world, now it’s their fav.

We used to make cookes in Sunshine Season. Not sure if it’s still there as we spent all our food time in F&W fest.
Oh, Innoventions is a great place to get lost for a couple hours at that age too.


I’ve never heard of the kidcots before. Where do you get the passports from?


ok well we are leaning more towards the pirate adventure now thanks!


Most any stand up front sell them. Bought $10 I think. Great souvie to do at least once. Lot’s of sticker pics to put in ea country, make sure you do that first. There’s a Kidcot area in every country where kids can make masks for free. Icon on the park map. If you have the passports they’ll stamp them and write in that language as though your child actually traveled the world.


Sounds like a fun idea. I’m checking this out on our trip. Thanks!


your welcome :smile:


We enjoyed the family magic tour at MK, it wasn’t expensive and a lot of fun.


Although we have not done this ourselves as yet I have heard great reviews about the Kim Possible missions at Epcot. Maybe this is worth a try? My DD wants to get involved in this when we go in March and she is 6


what is the family magic tour? if you dont mind could you give me some more details?


I was thinking about that too… it does look like a whole lot of fun! thanks!