Kids and the DDP


I would like to know if the kids who are on the DDP get the same snack options as the adults?


Yes. A snack is a snack is a snack. The main thing is the kids have to order from the kids menu during meals.


I am talking about thier snack credit on the DDP. We like going into the Mainstreet Bakery and get our 3 desserts(cakes,cheesecakes,and such) to take back home with us the day after we go to the MK. So, I was wondering if the kids get that same snack option?


Yes they get the same snacks as an adult.


Yep same snacks, just different meals.


Psst…actually just the sit down meals are different. If you go to a counter service you can get an adult meal. I did it that for my entire trip last Nov. Used her’s for an adult breakfast and mine for an adult lunch…and we shared! Hope this helps!!


You mean if we go to a CS I can order them a adult meal on their kids credit?


That is what I did…sat my girl with my parents and I went up…The best deal is Cosmic Ray in MK. 1/2 Chix, rack of ribs, 2 sides, large drink and a dessert. Who can eat all that??? We shared every meal! It was great! They tell you that it is for children, but no one ever said a word. When you get the print out on your reciept it just says (xx) counter service meals left!! Enjoy…


Thanks for that advice. I really don’t like what the kids have for a choice so that is awsome to know.


Yes, of course!


I just don’t understand why they only offer a limited menu for kids! They even offer that same stuff at Le Cellier. My girl was so upset last year at Le Cellier as they took steak off the child’s menu. This year she will be 10 and she gets to get adult meals…she is so excited…me too, as I ended up eatting the chi fingers at Le Cellier…lol!


Yes, the only place this even seemed to be an issue was the water parks. At Cosmic Rays, or others, the CMs told the kids that they could order whatever they wanted…but at the water parks, man, they are sticklers. Dont know why…

We are also happy that our youngest will be 10 this year on the free dining - yeah for good food and no more unsweetened applesauce!


Ya know sometimes you can use the snack credit for Pez which is a hugh hit with my DD