Kids at Boma?


What sort of choices do they have for children at Boma? DH and I really want to eat there next June, but I’m worried about our kids - they’ll be 6 and 3 at the time.


We went for breakfast and there was regular breakfast food and “African” food. I have never been for dinner, but will go back for breakfast- it was delicious!!


Boma is our favorite, I’m acutally having dinner there next Monday. For kids they offer all the typical kids fare, chicken tenders, spaghetti, etc. My kids DS8 and DD6 actually ate from the adult side and LOVED it.


You’ll be ok - they don’t eat kids there.


my kids liked it - desserts and soups were the favorites , but they tried everything we tried, and enjoyed it very much! They were 4 & almost 7 at the time.


My 3 year old slept through the ENTIRE meal last time, but DS 7 loved it! He had pasta with sauce, mac and cheese, chicken tenders…and he LOVED the cookies for dessert. He even liked this other coconut type bar that he spread chocolate mousse all over. :happy:


There’s plenty of stuff that kids will like.


My big kid, who is a very picky eater and not very adventurous, loves it there. She filled up on the chicken tenders, Mac & cheese, deserts and I believe the last time we were there, they had pizza on the kids menu. Very expensive as they charge her for adult, but what the heck.


I was there with Daniel’s family last time & the children’s section had all the usual fare; pizza, chicken fingers, rice, pasta, mac & cheese, etc… And the dessert bar [for everyone] is just AWESOME!


oh, good to know.
I think my picky eaters would have had a somewhat difficult time at dinner.
They found a few things last year. Meat and potato men :pinch:


That place is on our maybe list of places to try. I was there about 3 yrs. ago and is was ok. I want to go back and give it another try,maybe. The rest of my family have never been and i think it may be kinda fun.


Oh I’m so glad! Thanks for the reassurance! :laugh:

Thank you everyone, for the responses. I was pretty sure they’d have typical kids’ stuff, just wanted to confirm. We’ll have to put this on the top of our list.


We went for dinner, and there was plenty for the kids. Tons of familiar favorites and a dessert area that is to die for!


We ate at Boma this past June with a party of 15 with kids ranging from 8-14yrs and everyone loved it. We have a few picky eaters in the group, but I never heard any complaints…may have something to do with the kids sitting at the opposite end of the table tho! :laugh: Really, there’s something for everyone! In fact when we took a vote for restaurants for our upcoming Dec trip everyone voted for Boma!


The kids and picky eaters have plenty to pick from. It’s not as ethnic as it sounds. I can find plenty to eat and I’m majorly picky. Do get there when they open at 4:30. Your kids could be and probally will picked for the opening ceremony. All the kids present have to play the dinner drums to open the restaurant…totally cute…heck, I wanted to play them…lol


Everytime we go to Boma it’s full of kids, they love it their, breakfast or dinner! There’s definalty something for everyone, even my mum found a few plate fulls of food and she’s a really fussy eater who generally only likes really plain food. They have fantastic fries and chicken tenders :smiley: Deserts are by far the best too!


We’ve taken our children to Boma several times from ages 4 through 14. Boma offers all of the usual WDW children’s faire – mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, etc. For a full menu, check out Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World where you’ll find a “dining” link. Through this link, you can view menus from all over the park.


When we went in September they had chicken nuggets and french fries. My DD 14 tried some things but she loves chicken nuggets so she ate those and dessert


Good to know! We are going there for Breakfast Christmas day!


Boma is a wonderful place - there are many unique dishes (especially soups) for the adults and the normal stuff (mac and cheese, etc.) for the kids.
The time I went the place was very busy and a little loud - lots of activity with people going to get food at the buffet, etc. I think the tall ceilings in parts of the restaurant add to that.
Here’s a tip - if you find something you like, ask your server for the recipe - they will actually e-mail it to you!