Kids Backpacks


Any Suggestions On What To Pack In My Girls Ages 7 And 4’s Suprise Backpacks For Our Plane Ride And Just The Suprise Trip In General?? Any Ideas Are Greatly Appreciated!


I was in walmart the other day and they had disney crayons and coloring books


Disposable cameras for their own pictures.
Small photo album for same pictures.
Disney dollars.


Disney Pez dispensers are always popular with my kids!! They also liked when I put disney flashlights in their backpacks!!


Check the Pin Sales Forum. Gingita is selling pins in lots of 10 for $30. Much cheaper than having to buy them at the parks.

Also, check the Disney Store for sunglasses. They just had an end of summer sale, where all summer stuff was 75% off. If you have a Disney Store near you, check them out.


I agree with all the above (particularly the disposable cameras…I saw kids with them and they loved taking their own pictures).

I’d like to add an autograph book or auto/photo album. The characters are EVERYWHERE and most will sign or stamp your book.


You can have so much fun with this!

I love the disposable cameras idea…seeing the vacation from your girls’ point of view would be an awesome addition to the scrapbook!

The only suggestions I have are little things like hand sanitizer, chapstick with SPF, and a small bottle of sunblock or a sunblock stick. My mom used to pack these things for us, and it was so fun to have “our own” during the trip. Encouraged us to use them too, so Mom didn’t have to constantly be after us to put on sunblock or wash our hands! :happy:

I don’t know if they make “scented” hand sanitizers anymore, but I remember my sister and I being so proud of having our own scents. Mine was watermelon, hers was grape! :laugh: This was years ago…funny how you remember the random stuff!


Last trip I packed disposable cameras, some substantial snacks, a water bottle, their hand held video games and mp3 players that are downloaded with disney music. Also lollipops, a sweater or sweatshirt (if the weather calls for it), activity and coloring books and crayons. It may sound like a lot of stuff but it was a great plane ride, they had plenty to do to keep them busy.
I get the pleasure of carrying the DVD player with some DVDs, just in case all else fails.


I have been gathering stuff fr our plne ride as well, and I found some great stuff at Michaels craft store. They have little arts and crafts for them to keep themselves entertained. I found water pen books, Disney coloring books, Mickey playing cards, Disney Puzzles, sunglasses, sweatshirts (sometimes the recysled air on the planes gets a bit cold), and soem Disney fruit snacks. Stuff like that, they will have a blast! The hand sanitizer is a great idea, they sell it at Bath & Body works Stores in all scents still! Howvere, your 4 year old probably would have too much fun with it if you know what I mean! It will probably get all over the place. For your 7 year old, maybe some Disney books to read as well. I also like the camera idea.


Great ideas so far!

I have packed many of the above in backpacks, but the thing that went over best on our flights to/from Ireland (long ride) were tiny tubs of Playdoh. I bought them in a 4 pack at Dollar Tree and they came with a tiny cookie cutter. I only packed one tub and the cookie cutter (for each child) in a ziplock for the plane. The kids loved the tiny containers, and it’s not so much that it makes a mess.

I put it in the front of the backpack incase it looked suspecious to security, lol. We had no issue with it domestic or internationally.


Disposable cameras again! Always great idea.
A new sun hat each?
Stickers/ sticker book?
Bag of sweets each?
Autograph book and pen ( if you can find a Disney one) each?
…that’s it for now but I’ll keep thinking!


I have taken play dough on the plane also. DD had loads of fun. Thanks for the reminder!


How much fun…I love the idea of a surprise backpack for a surprise Disney trip. When we went in December, we found a princess disposable camera at Target. My daughter loved it. Also, at Target or Walmart they always have Disney sunglasses that I am sure the girls will love. At Claire’s Boutique I have seen some tin containers that have a princess on them and different magnetic clothes to dress up the princess. Just a few ideas. I’m sure that whatever you decide on the girls will love it.


I actually jsut finished printing out pages from teh Disney playhouse site. There are tons of things on there, tic tac toe games, etc… Try some of those. I also purchased those magnetic paper doll tins. They are great!


With it being back to school time, markers, crayons, folders and notebooks are all on sale. One of my daughters favorite thing to do is have folders and notebooks and to decorate them with Disney stickers. I pick up all kinds of stickers throughout the year and then when we head off to Disney, she has a ton to decorate with. Then she has a really neat notebook to keep track of all the fun things that we do over the trip. Also, all those coloring/activities pages that you can print off of the computer can be kept nice and neat in their very own personalized folder. :mickey:


All of these ideas are so great . I love the playdoh idea! The wet naps is great too . We can ALWAYS use them! Thanks for all the ideas guys!!!