Kids Camp at the Grand Floriadian


We are going to stay at the Contemperary in September. I know that their kids camp is closed, so our book says to use the Grand Flo. Have anybody out there used the Grand Flo. kid camp. What kind of things do they do with the kids? My child is potty training right now. We are hoping that the training will be done by the time we get there. But, what about accidents? Can we use a pull-up just incase of accidents? :huh: :huh:


I have not used the kids club at the GF but we have used the one at the Poly, the Neverland Club , IMO is the best of all the kids clubs. They serve dinner have arts and crafts, dress up ,video games movies, etc. In fact my daughter loves it so much, that she wants to go there everytime we are at WDW. Since The Neverland Club is just a short monorail ride away ( same as the GF ) I would try the Neverland Club. I am surprised the contemporary does not give this a an option also. In fact the last time we stayed at the CR, my daughter went to the Neverland club, instead of the Mouseketeer Club at the CR. Children must be potty trained- no pull ups, for all kids activities.


Thank you for the info. I do have another question. If I put him in briefs, what happens if he has an accident?


I think they would page you and you would have to come back. But I do not know for sure. My daughter was 4 the first time she went to The Neverland Club so this never happened to us.


I think that kids have to be 4 and potty trained.


I understand that!!! I am asking what happens if a child has an accident, which happens to 4 year olds. I don’t mean to yell, but I get the fact that they have to be trained. Everyone is catching that piece of my question, but not the other half of it.


You will be paged to take care of the accident. Disney staff will not do it. As another option, the Club at the Wilderness is pretty cool too and only a boat ride away. I think the neverland club beats it however.


THANK YOU!! It’s our anniversary when we go, so we want to have a nice time together. Having a little, that doesn’t happen much. I know that we could have someone go to the room, but my guy loves kids. He will have a better time if he can be with them. I just wasn’t sure what happens with accidents. With a new 4 year old and new potty training, I am expecting some mistakes.


Well if you start now, you should have it mastered by the time you get to WDW. I hope it all works out and you and your DH get you special night.


Thank you Dana. We have been working on the PT, but my son has other ideas. We are hoping that by September, he should be done, but I do worry about accidents. Thank you all for your help.