Kids Clubs - Ages


Okay, so with mixed emotions we have decided to cruise this year rather than the annual WDW land trip. DCL Magic in April… Excited, but hoping we don’t miss WDW!
Kids are 8 and 11. Went to pre-register the kids online for the kids clubs and only the 8 year old came up…so went ahead and registed him for Oceaneer Lab. Looks like 11 year olds are now in a separate club “Edge”…and posslibly don’t require registering??? Anyone know anything about it? Also thinking the kids will more than likely want to be together at the same club. What are the chances they will allow it?
Also…anyone have any thoughts on excursions in St Thomas?
This is our first cruise!..I am reading the 2009 DCL Passporter, but would love to hear any must have info from the veterans!


I have never been on DCL, but have used the kids club many times on Carnival. Last cruise in October, our kids were in 2 different age groups. I asked if my son could go with my daughter or vice versa, but they do not allow it. I assume it is the same on all cruise lines due to safety. My kids were completely fine and LOVED the kids club. They have age groups for a reason. The types of activities will differ the older they get.


I think you will LOVE the cruise. We like cruising better than the World at this point.

I really don’t know if they will allow your 11yr old to go down to the Lab or not. But, they are sure to have fun regardless. I love the disney Magic and will miss sailing with her this year.

The Passporter is the best for cruising. It has been so long since we cruised the Eastern intinerary. I am thinking we just took a cab on our own to one of the beaches and then were free to leave when we wanted.

I look forward to hearing more about your cruise. What is your sail date and have you been assigned a cabin?


I was going to book an excursion for St Thomas…but I’ve decided to just explore a bit on our own…not sure how much our 8 year old will like snorkeling off a boat. We’re also docking in St Maarten which looks like it has a nice beach and shopping area right at the port. Perfect for a beach day without the expense of an excursion!
Anyone have trouble with sea sickness? I am prone to motion sickness, so a bit worried about the ship!


I get motion sick very easy. I have always just taken Bonine starting a day ahead and I have been fine even through some fairly rough seas. :happy:

I think you will be fine just exploring or picking a beach.


I have read that Bonine is the way to go. You start taking it a day ahead of the cruise…& then have you continued to take it throughout the week??? Did you have any side effects?


Also, just in case anyone else is wondering…I called DCL and they will allow an 11 yr old to go into Oceaneer Lab with an 8 yr old sibling. They said my 11 year old will need to pick ahead of time which kid area she is interested in (with sibling in Lab or in Tween club Edge)…she cannot go back and forth to both. They suggest visiting both clubs with your child and then making a decision.


I did not have any side effects. :flowers:

Good to know about your 11 yr old!