Kids clubs


We’ll be staying at the Beach Club. Was wondering, are you only allowed to use the Kid’s Club at the hotel you are staying at? DD wants to go to the Kids’ Club a few nights (she actually wanted to…we went on the Disney Cruise and she LOVED the clubs there!!). I want to try to figure out where DH and I will go while she’s there.


You can use any of the kids clubs at the resorts. My DS has been to the clubs at BC and Poly and enjoyed both. We dropped him off and had dinner at 'Ohana and he begged to stay longer when we picked him up a couple of hours later. Last summer we enjoyed an adult dinner at Flying Fish while he played in teh club at BC.


Thanks for the info DT! I don’t want to be too far away from her when we are out. Now I know I can plan around that! When I asked her if she would mind going to the kid’s club 2 nights out of our 10 nite stay, she said “how come I can only go there 2 nights?” :laugh: I’m glad your DS enjoyed the clubs. As an only child, my DD would much rather play with kids her age than be out to dinner with us!!!


AS DT said you can use any of the WDW kid’s clubs. I have used the one at WL and AKL and DD loved them both. I have heard that the Neverland club at the polynesian is the best however. You have to pay for a minimum 4 hours stay however and I didn’t let DD do it while we were there. She used to hang out at the clubs while I packed up our stuff. I wasn’t going to pay $40 for her to hang out for an hour. If you are going to use it for an adults only night out (dinner and PI) it’s worth it however. That club is seriously cool.


The Neverland club is the best!!! lol my DGD’s got really upset when they got to old to go there!!


DD has been to the Neverland Club at the Poly and the Kid’s club at the WL. According to DD Neverland Club is the best!