Kids CS meals on DDP


I have read on that the counter service places allow you to order an adult meal for a child on the plan and it will be charged as a childs meal. Is this true? Are all of the CS/QS meals lumped in one bunch or are they separated on the plan? More than one person mentioned it while reviewing the DDP. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks


You can’t order more adult meals than what’s listed on your Key to the World. For example, we have 2 adults and one child so our cards tells the CMs that with a 2A1C on it. We wouldn’t be allowed to order 3 adult meals with our card since we only paid for 2 adults. We just stuck to the kids meals since that’s what we were allowed to order.


I think you could order the adult meals, but they would be taken off of the adults’ total (yours or DH’s) and you would have a bunch of child meals left at the end. Plus you would run out of CS meals for yourself.

Does that make sense?

For example: If you have a 5 day plan, that would be 5 CS’s per person, or 10 total adult CS’s and 5 child CS’s. If went to lunch and ordered 3 adult meals, at the end of the meal you would have 7 adult credit and 5 child credits.

The really recommend that you use kid’s meal credit for the kids.


We experienced the opposite in June. At TS places they definitely had to order the kids meals. But at the CS places they could order whatever they wanted. This was at every CS place that we went to during our 10 day stay. I thought we had to order kids meals, but the CM at Flame Tree(is that the name?) in Animal Kingdom our very fiirst day told us that they were not restricted at CS.


Sadly you can’t since i am just old enough to get the adult meal not the kids it has more selection but most kids may not like it. So i would just plan on stiicking with the kids unless you want to do adults it would help with people under 10 for the kids :slight_smile:


:confused: I wish it would be more clear, when Ty was younger on several occasions we let him order an adult meal on counter service and figured we would just pay out of pocket when we had reached our limit. But it was never deducted as an extra adult, the credits always just came off in threes! When I asked a CM if there was a mistake, he told us no, no mistake, that they are all lumped together :eek: I think the official policy is written one way and they do it another!! We weren’t trying to bilk the system!!!:laugh:


basiclly it isnt worth trying to do anything other then your plan 0r an uhh oh moment may come up so