Kids Meal Question 2


I Asked Yesterday About Splitting Kid’s Meals But What About At At Place Like Ohana’s. Will They Allow Kids To Share A Meal There Where There Is A Set Price And An All You Can Eat??


No, not at buffets or all you can eat type meals.


Just to confirm, anything that doesn’t involve a menu, you cannot share.


Mickey, does that apply to kids under 2 as well? For example, if we take our twin daugthers to chef mickey’s for breakfast (they’ll be turning 3 a few days later), if we don’t pay for them, can they not share anything off our plate?


Kids under 3 eat free at buffet type meals, so there would be no charge for your twins to eat anything they like from the buffet.


To add to that, if your child turns 3 DURING the trip, there is still no charge. The are considered “2” during the duration of your trip. (This assumes you are staying on-site. If you are off-site, each day is considered a new trip to WDW.)