Kids Meals


We will be going to WDW in 2 weeks! :smile: I would like to inquire about the portion sizes for the kids meals. I have noticed that at the Quick Service Restaurants, that a meal is less than $15 per person. Will I be able to split the meal between my 5 and 2 year old, or will they each need their own meal?

Thanks, Beth :mickey:


Gee, I think you’d need to see what is offered at each place. Just stand around and peek at the trays of food people have to see for yourself.


My kids are not big eaters (actually neither am I), so we usually end up sharing somewhere. I think our last big trip DD(then 7) and DS(then 4) were able to share.


Thanks for your help! :smile: I was hoping that they’d be able to share. They are not big eatters either, and I didn’t want to spend extra money for 2 meals and then end up throwing half of it away. HUGS


Some of the meals are large enough for an adult… there are times when we order the kids meal because you get a full size hot dog, a little less fries than for an adult and a small drink for a lot less than just the cost of a hot dog for an adult… so I would look at what is coming out on the trays and figure for that…


I know that Mic (wife) and JD (3 y/o son) shared a kids meal at several counter service places when we were there in May. They usually got something like the chicken strips meal and there was enough for them…


If you are not a big eater you could always just ordered the adult meal and split that, I know you usually get a decent amount witht he chicken fingers meal, also if you get the double cheeseburger ask for a roll, now you have 2 burgers!!


Thanks everybody for your responses. I am going down with my parents. Sometimes I think that they forget what it is like to have to travel with children. They are planning on eatting everywhere we’re not! HAHA! We are trying to save money. Must be nice to be retired and just spend the money on yourself! HAHAHA!


Of course, you also have to factor in how much (or little) kids are going to want to eat when they’re in the midst of all the Disney magic. We can hardly get our 2-1/2 year old twins to stop and eat when they’re just playing the sandbox in the yard!


Before you decide to share meals, watch and see the size of the kids meals. The reason that I say this is that there were times when DS (6) was still starving after eating his entire kids meal. This is especially true of the Macaroni and Cheese. He ate his meal, 3/4 of mine, a dessert, and we had to get him a snack later because he was still hungry. Some of the places that we ordered the chicken strips meal from gave just one chicken strip. Like I said, I am sure that there are places that give more food than others, you will just need to see how much they give in the kids meal before you decide to share.


My kids are 5 and 2 and they were able to share a kids meal!


When I just had one kid, I would share my adult meal with him. It was always perfect! Now that I have two (DS will be 5 and DD will be 1 1/2 when we go in Dec), I will probably get ONE kids meal for them to share. And my DD will STILL be eating off of my plate. SHE L :heart: VES to eat!!! :tongue:


DD is now almost 11, and her taste has changed a bit. DS8 usually gets his own kids meal when we go anywhere and never finishes it, and now DD shares one with me. It really depends on how old the kids are, and what their eating habits are.


Yes, as stated, it really depends on you, your kids and the restaurant. I never share with our DS because DH and I almost ALWAYS finish ours. I get him is own kids meal and he usually finishes it. I make him eat the meat part first, and the we can take the crackers or applesauce cup with us for later if he needs a snack.