Kids Meals


My Children Dont Ever Finish A Meal When We’re Out To Eat; So Out Of My Two Kids Can Only One Order A Meal And They Can Split It? Do They Let You Do That? We Are Not Going To Be On The Meal Plan…
Thanks For Any Feedback…


You won’t have any trouble sharing a meal at WDW, people do it all the time.


No problem whatsoever.


I share the meals with dh so I dont see why your kids wont be able to share the kids meals


Nope that’s not wrong at all! It’s called being smart!


I don’t see why you would have any problems, it’s your money you can spend it how you want!


Oh Lord yes! My kids are 2, 4 and 6… and every great once in a while they will eat decently off a kids’ meal…but usually I buy 2 and have the three of them split the contents…

Last year we WERE on the meal plan and only one of the kids was old enough to do the meal plan… and all three split one kids meal…and our appetizers and deserts… and when we went to a buffet style meal, the little ones were “Mickey’s Guests” and could eat whatever they liked…but we didn’t even have to pay! It was a pretty good deal! :slight_smile:

Sometimes I get a kids meal… many kids are bigger than I am… I don’t always have an adult-sized appetite.


Especially with CS meals, once you leave the counter, they don’t know who’s eating it. I’ve eaten a few kids meals myself to save some vacation $$.