Kids Menus for those over the age limit


My dear 12-year-old child is one of the pickiest eaters on the face of the earth :glare: . I, OTOH, rarely meet a meal I don’t like.

Has anyone here ever had trouble with a slightly older child ordering from the kid’s menu in a WDW restaurant? Granted, there may be things that she can order from the main menu, but it’s always nice for mama to know there is a fall back.



Typically WDW kids menus end at age 9, but I cant really see anyone giving you a hard time about it. At counter service locations you will have NO trouble. At table service, you may have some trouble, but I imagine servers will likely try and give you (and charge you for) an adult portion of the child meal. (For example, an adult portion of mac n cheese, which is not usually and adult meal) Keep in mind that it is Disney, and they will do whatever they can to help your picky eater!


Our oldest is 11 and barely eats. He has just ordered off the kids menu up until now. It makes no sense to throw food away (or to order food that won’t be eaten). He’s probably now “graduated” to the adult menu for our trip in December!


If you are in a counter serivce place, you can always order from the kids menu for anyone. They don’t card…lol At buffets, you can also get whatever is offered. As for ordering a kid meal for an adult at a TS, I don’t know. I haven’t ever tried it. I have never known disney to refuse anyone a food order. If you request a kid menu, you will get a kid menu…regardless of age.


I think part of it would depend on how old your child looks to the server. I personally don’t see why they wouldn’t allow you to do it. This is much different than adults trying to use a child’s FS credit off the dining plan.

BTW, at CS places, I’ve even ordered off the kids menu. I mean you get a drink and everything with enough food to satisfy a mildly hungry adult.


I’m thinking more at TS places. We’re there for such a short time that I’m not going to do the dining plan. Besides, in addition to being picky, Sara eats like a bird. Paying double just so I can throw it away does not appeal to me…and as I am trying to lose weight, my finishing the meal isn’t an option, either.

I’ll ask for the kid’s menu and see what happens. She is tall for 12 but is also rail thin, so…


In may, my 11 and 14 year old boys ordered from the kids menus, no problems at all. I have actually seen adults order kids items, so you should be fine.


What does the kids meal at counter service come with compared to an adult meal and what is the price difference?


On our last trip, my then 14 yr. old was able to order from all of the kids menus. At Ohana, when the server saw he wasn’t enjoying the food (he’s so picky!) she asked him if he like pizza, mac & cheese and hotdogs ~ he said yes! and a few minutes later, she brought all three to the table for him!


Kids meals are usually Mac and Cheese or Chicken strips or something similar, and come with a side and a drink, and are usually under $5. Adult meals get no drink, and range between $6 and $10. The adult meals are quite a bit bigger, of course.


Must be something about the name - my Sarah’s exactly the same - and she’s 23!!! It’s always been a challenge to get her to eat. Now I realize how lucky she is - she eats to live, not the other way around.

Anyway, she often solves this problem at TS restaurants by ordering a starter for her meal. No one has ever objected.


I never thought about just getting a starter. A lot of times, there is something on the starter menu that catches her eye. Lately, her fave there has been crab dip.

did I mention she’s an odd child? :blink: must be my husband’s genes:laugh:


Haha…I’m a Sarah and am also picky! I live off of kids meals while at the world!


I have a friend that went with us one year and she felt like there was way too much food on the adult menu’s so she ordered from the kids menus and never had a problem about it. Our Granddaughters are in their teens and still sometimes choose from the kids menu’s


my daughter will be 10 when we go, and she isn’t even 50 pounds do you think they will let us share a meal. (at a table service place)?


My wife alots of times will order a child portion at a TS while I order an adult serving and nothing is said. We found out that they don’t mind. In Italy we oder child size plates and they charged us for the child portion. We also add a larger tip along with our payment.


Our family always share meals. We’ve never had a problem. We always ask for an empty plate, and divide up the meals ourselves.

The restaurants at WDW go waaaay overboard with food portions. And I hate the idea of so much wasted food. And we can’t possible eat all the food we’re given.


yep that what we have done with no problems. of course the girls were younger and now they can out eat us …


I’m 13, and I almost always never finish the adult meals. It’s not that I don’t eat, it’s that I find myself to not be that hungry at times. :mellow: I order from the kids menu a lot, since my sister also does (she’s 9).

For instance, if the kids menu is for 10 and under, the waiter/waitress still lets me order from it. :blink:


I’m 20 (almost 21!) and I still order off the kids menu sometimes.