Kids on DDP


We are about 3 weeks away from our trip. I have a 9 y/o who is a very big eater. I have looked at all the menus for places we are plannning on eating and I am starting to become concerned about the portion sizes as well as the lack of variety. How many chicken nuggets and ice cream sundaes can a child eat in a week? Does anyone have any suggestions to incorporate some variety and fill him up? I already have warned my hubby and older son that we will all have to share with him. Are there places that will let you vary from the standard kids choices? Also do kids get to pick a regular dessert (adult) @ the CS places or are they stuck with cookies and pudding? I really didn’t want to spend the adult prices on him unless I had to. Any and all tips and info are appreciated.


If you eat at buffets, your son will find a huge variety and portions that will satisfy him. At buffets, you will be using a child’s TS credit. At non-buffet restaurants, you could always order him an appetizer which he likes to supplement the children’s choices.


Could you bring any extra snack with you so that if he is still hungry he can have what you brought. I know they don’t off the most healthiest food items for kids( which makes me mad) because I really try to keep food as healthy as possible,even on vacation( esp. then). Just a thought.


The places we ate had a dessert for the kids so they didn’t get to ick an adult sized one. You would be surprised how hard nuggets are to come by, I have a son who could eat nuggets every meal but a lot of places don’t have them. That said, there really isn’t a lot of variety for the kids.

I like the suggestion of getting him an appetizer, it won’t add a lot to the price of the trip and he’ll be happy. I could easily split any meal with my son and not come close to leaving hungry so sharing is another option.


We found most of the TS places very open to substitutions for the kids. For example, my 5yo rarely eats meat. The CM’s at Le Cellier put together a killer fruit platter for him and refilled it several times. It never hurts to ask if the kids can make some changes to the menu. :pirate:


I agree with DisneyTeacher…why not get him an appetizer? Not too costly at all. Or you can ALWAYS consider him an ADULT and pay for the ADULT Dining Plan ($29 more a day! :blink:)


Buffets. Plenty o’grubb for the 9 year old.


We have had that problem in the past as well. We went the “sharing” route which worked great. I’m not a big dessert guy, so that was kind of built in. We’re a big appetizer family as well… order a couple and do them family style. It sounds like you have your plans already made, but buffets would have been a great choice.

This was one of the reasons that we decided against the DDP this time around; we’ll be using the Tables in Wonderland discount. I’m going to be curious to find out if we made the right choice.



The portions for kids are pretty good sized and the adult portions are usually big too - so enough to share. Buffets are limitless and my kids LOVE the MAC-N-Cheese


So does my DS and he’s 27!!! :laugh: I have to admit, the M&C at Octoberfest is pretty darn good myself.

I’d recommend hitting a mix with some buffets. With desert at every CS & TS meal the kiddo will be in heaven. Nothing wrong with sharing either - you all paid for meals.


When we were there last June, the kids could pick anything at the CS places, not just from the kids menu. Then they also got whatever dessert they wanted!!:laugh:


We had the opposite problem on our trip last August. My godson is 11 and an incredibly picky/light eater. Because he is 11, he had all adult credits but he basically only wanted to order from the kids menu. We had assumed that this would not be a problem since the kids items are cheaper than the adult entrees, but we ran into some trouble at some places. At most places, we were usually eventually able to get him some variation of a kids item (usually pizza) but it seemed like it took some finagling on the part of the waitstaff.

I am not sure if the computerized system is really that strict and can only deduct adult meals from an adult card or if they were being more strict because it was free dining and everyone and their brother was on the dining plan.


Wow! My problem is the exact opposite of yours!
I have an 11yr old who is a small eater and prefers the kids meals!!!

If you eat at a buffet, you will be fine. He can go up as many times as he wants and even pick from the adult section, I dont anyone really notices/cares.

If you do order from a CS or TS and it’s a la carte, he will have to order from the kids meals if that is what you bought for him (kids meal on DDP).

They lump all the adult credits together and the child too but will be listed separately on each receipt.

But if you order an adult meal for him, they will deduct that from your allotment of adult meals that is left.


Oh also I forgot.
If you eat somewhere where the meal is served “family style”.
They are more than willing to get you another tray of food if you finish it all!
And everyone eats from the one tray of food (adults & kids), but you are still charged for how many adults and kids on the plan and only once!

So I suggest sticking to the buffets and family style meals.