Kids pirate cruise from GF?


I would like to know if this is worth doing for the kids. It seems like fun but don’t have alot of info. I know alittle bit but would love to know more from somewone who’s children have been on it. What kind of treasure do they find? What lunch or snack do they provide? Do the kids love it or was it just ok? Thanks!!


We sent our two oldest on the cruise from GF 2 years ago and they loved it. While we they were gone, DW and I went over to the boardwalk to look around. As luck would have it we saw a group leaving from there to go on a similar pirate cruise. The boat from the GF was a lot bigger and the interaction (at least that day) between the CMs and the kids was better from the GF trip.

Not sure what the kids brought back, I want to say candy and trinkets. With the GF boat they got to stop on the old Discovery Island. They thought that was cool.


My son has taken several pirate cruises and LOVED every one of them. He’s done the one from Yacht and Beach Club and the one from the Grand Floridian and bother were fun.


My son has done this 2 times and has loved it each time…both were from the Grand Floridian. Next trip, my DD wants to do it! :happy:


This was one of the things I really wanted my son to do, but unfortunately couldn’t due to him being special needs…Even with me saying myself or my daughter would go with him it was a no-go… Disappointing but from what I read, it’s a really great little trip!!