Kids stay,play and dine free!


I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I’m sure someone will move it, it need be :happy:

I can’t believe it another promotion–how great is this!

Check out the new “Kids Stay, Play and Dine FREE” vacation package offer for Disney Rewards Visa cardholders at Walt Disney World, for stays most nights 3/14/10-8/14/10! Click here for details: - Disney World Vacation Package Discount - DisneyWorld Packages

Does anyone know if you can combine promo? I already have the $500.00 gift card.


You cannot combine offers :frowning:




Does anyone know if this code will be open to the public?


Dang. I wish my kid was still a “kid”. :pinch:


I also wanna know if it’s gonna be open for the public dangit! :dry:


Me tooooo. Wish my 10 and 11 year olds were still kids too.
Any other place that statment wouldn’t make sense:sad:


Wish I could use this offer…but this year we’re only doing a short 2 day trip during Easter break.


I can’t find it with the link provided … what am I doing wrong?? 2 of my kids are still Disney "kids’!!


click on the read link, and it should open up right to it.


If you have a Disney Visa, just go to the website and click on Disney Offers and it should show up.


Okay, in a perfect world they will open this to the public, make it applicable to whatever package the parent has (Regular Dining, Deluxe Dining), etc.