Kilimanjaro Club Concierge


Has anyone stayed there? Do you get any perks?


You get access to the concierge level only safari at the AK…that is a perk all in itself. Other than that it’s just normal concierge services as far as I know.


Killimanjaro Club Concierge: (Jambo House only). Concierge services and either a Savanna or Standard View (but no parking lot or garden views, just pool view). Only 5 Concierge units exist; they are all 2-BR lockoffs, for a maximum of 10 rooms if broken up into 1-BR and Studios. Unlike all other DVC accommodations, these rooms get daily housekeeping service and evening turndown with chocolates.

With Concierge, you get:

• Advanced Walt Disney World itinerary planning service
• Personalized front desk and Concierge service
• Daily housekeeping service and evening turndown with chocolates
• Secured key access to 6th floor and Club Level lounge
• Weekday newspaper delivery of USA Today
• Assistance with special events planning and shopping
• Club Level Lounge refreshments
• Ability to book Sunrise Safari at AK and Sunset Safari at AKL


Thank You for the info.


My family and I are staying there in late July and I can’t wait. I have heard and read so many great things about AKL and the concierge level. Friends of ours that stayed there said they couldn’t get tickets to see a sold out show in Orlando and had asked the concierge to give it a try. In the evening there was a message from concierge telling them they could pick up their tickets at the front desk.


We were looking into AKV concierge but there are no openings for our dates. I read somewhere that unless AKV is your home resort & you book at the 11 month window, you probably have no chance of getting it. Has anyone ever gotten it while being on the wait list?

May I ask - Is AKV your home resort? How far ahead did you have to book to get concierge level?


If you do stay on the concierge level, what is the charge for the sunrise safari? I was set to book concierge level for next month so we could do the safari but then I saw somewhere that it was a crazy amount so I held back and booked a regular savannah room. If it turns out it is not that expensive I may consider it for a future trip. Otherwise, I don’t see much use of concierge level service for DW & I.


The sunset safari is $55.00 for adults and 27.00 for children.


I am not a AKV owner. I booked concierge level about five months in advance.


AKV also is not my home(SSR)resort.I booked right at the 7 month mark.

When did you try?