Killing time before Boma ADR


We have a Boma ADR at 7:40pm. We will be in AK in the afternoon, but it closes at 6:00pm that day. If we head over to the AKL after AK closing, is there anything to do there to pass the time until the ADR? Thanks!


Yes, you can look around at the resort and the gift shop. That is what we did.


When we went last time, we went outside to the savanna area. There was an awesome CM who told us about each of the animals, their habits and lifestyles. He was fantastic!! Plus,the resort is beautiful-lots to look at. You will be fine to spend some extra time there.


Oh there is definitely lots to look at. Walk around the resort, go check out the pool, you will easily find ways to pass the time!


I don’t know if you have children, but every night they have story time. They tell African folktales by the Arusha firepit. The kids really seem to enjoy this.


oh cassiusmommy - that sounds awesome! any ideas how often/times? we won’t have time before (well, as i have it planned now anyway), but it would be neat to do it after.

welcome to mousebuzz!!!


There is also a nice lounge that actually overlooks Boma. It is my second favorite lounge at a Disney hotel.


If you’re tired from the parks you can just collapse in one of the comfy chairs in the lobby and people-watch. The gift shop here has some of the most unique items in WDW.


You’ll love the AKL and with all the things mentioned in the other threads, the time will pass very fast!


Of all the Disney resorts, AKL is probably the very best for killing time!!! Yes, storytelling and comfy chairs and the savannah – but also just admiring the architecture and decor is phenomenal!!! My kids love to go upstairs and walk across the suspended walkway. You already have read that it has one of the best gift shops in all of WDW, with some unique items. Be sure to tour the pool, and have a cocktail in the bar!!!


There is plenty…you can look at all the animals they have all over the resort, check out the super cool gift shop or just sit in the amazing loby.


Another thing you can do is ask at guest services for a list of hidden mickeys. Then you can explore the resort while your kids look for all of them. If you find all of them on the list and take it to the gift shop the kids get a free gift. I forget what it was, but the search itself is a lot of fun.