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We just got back form our trip and while we were there at EPCOT only until the 8th you could sign up a kid to play a interactive KIM POSSIBLE GAME . It was totally awesome . You had to put down a deposit for the $300.00 phone …a actual cell phone that you had to have to communicate with Kim , Ron , Wade and all the other characters . They would send you pics of things you had to find in the worldshowcase and then gave you instructions on whazt to do …like one was a perfume bottle you had to find in France and spray it and there was a special effect and then the phone picked the scent up and gave you more clues …I cannot describe it as awesome as it was but there is a part where you go to a windown with a toy soldier in it and he calls the kid by their agent name …you sign up the name …then it talks to you …even told our daughter she had to get out of her buggy and get closer to the window and then tolds her it was a great ides to disguise her bodygurad as a huge mouse ( mu husband with Mickey ears on ) . It was a test to see how it went over . They even videoed us while playing the game and we had to sign release forms . We ended up in a secret lab where the kids had to wait till 2 more agents showed up so they could all help win the last part . They got a limited edition pin of Kim possible that says TEAM POSSIBLE on it . They will try to roll this game out wfter the test and see how to improve it but let me tell you my husband and I were VERY impressed . It was like ebing a spy for real . You had to find a statue and plant a bug ( listening ) device in it and it made a sound like a bug and they the mouth opened up and it’s tongue came out and a picture of a bug was on it …all the people around came running to see cause it didn’t look like it did anyting before we got there …just a statue . Then they had to go to a tea shop and get a sample of tea and have the tea leaves read …it is a game I hope they offer in the future cause it was so special . If we get my camera back
( we lost it on the way home in the airport ) I will upload pictures spo you can all see .


I’ve heard tons of great things about this game, they were testing it on the days of our visit too. I have yet to see a lot of pictures though, so I appreciate that you are going to upload some!

PS: I think the $300 deposit as a parent would be so nerve-racking. haha. I’d follow my kid around like a hawk repeating “don’t even think about dropping that thing.” Knowing how I was as a kid I would have left it on a bench somewhere. :laugh:


Wow…that is so cool. This is the first time I have heard about this idea!

P.S.- Prayers and pixie dust on the way for your camera


I read an article about this sometime ago…I think someone already posted about it.

Thats great to hear you actually got to test it though!! How priveledged you are. I hope it stops being an experiment soon and that they expand on that idea for all over the WorldShowcase area…I’m 22 and I would love to try it! :laugh:


Did you say you lost your camera on the way home? I’m so sorry!
The Kim Possible thing sounds really fun - almost makes me wish I had kids! :laugh:


My husband and I talked about it being a thing for all ages …we had so much fun doing it and like I said the interaction was so amazing . They even take a picture of you at one point and download it on to your phone so you can see they know where you are . It is a real personal experience …they call you by the agent name you choose and when you get to the final place you are greeted like a secret agent …I would oove to do it on a adult scale also . Yes we lost our NEW camera on the way from the Orlando airport to the Bloomington Illinois airport . I am just sick about all the photos we have lost . The new $300.00 camera the person has picked up they can have it is my irreplaceable photos of our vacation that I want . I am praying someone is honest and turns it in once they look at the photos on the camera …there is a picture of the plane we took ( our daughters 1st plane ride ) so they should know what airline to turn it in to . We took almost 600 pictures while we were there …we knew it would be a couple of years before we got back and we also went with my mother . my aunt , brother , sister in law , 2 nieces , 3 sets of freinds …so many pictures of all of us .