Kim Possible: fastpass or reservations or what?


I am trying to figure out the EPCOT Kim Possible experience.
Is this first come first serve? Do you FastPass this and where? Or do you call somewhere for reservations. Will would like to do this in November.I just can’t find a clear answer. Thanks for straightening me out.


one time we just walked up to a KP kiosk and we’re given the Kimmunicator and instructions. The next time we were given a return time. It all depends on how busy it is. They stagger the groups so you don’t “ruin” it for the other party. BTW we LOVED this!!! DH, DD9 and I had a ball! If you can, try to do all of the participating countries as they are all different experiences. I thought the visuals in Mexico were really cool. ENJOY!!!


It’s not really a fastpass but it looks like one, however, you will need a park pass to swipe to get a time and place to pick up your phone thing. We have requested a different location to pick up our phone based on our dinner plans, most CMs are very nice about doing things like that. It is first come first serve but our times have always been about an hour away from then we got our ticket.


You don’t need fast pass, it is first come first service but you need a park ticket for them to swipe.


You’ve already received good responses so I’ll just say, it’s worth it! We enjoyed it three times, Norway, France, and UK. UK was the most fun! Very creative stuff! Enjoy!


I believe the stations that print tickets are in Innoventions, and there’s one on the way to World Showcase too. The cast members will be flagging people down to try it if it’s a slow day - you can’t miss them. :laugh:

The kiosks where you pick up your Kimmunicator are scattered over World Showcase - the ones that come to mind are near Norway, Italy, and the UK. Your ticket will tell you where to go.

We had a great time with this too! If you’d like a little sneak peek, I put some pictures on Flickr from when we did the mission in China. I guess it does deserve a spoiler warning, since I put up some pictures of where the mission leads you inside the pavilion.
Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure - a set on Flickr


We :heart: Japan!! The best part about it, is it takes you into areas of the attractions you wouldn’t normally wonder into. LOTS of fun!!


We’ve done all except Morrocco and Canada (i think) and my fav was probably China, and that’s only because we went to areas we’d never gone before and probably wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for KP.


Canada doesn’t have KP - not yet anyway.


that would explain that one then:happy:


I don’t think Morocco has one either.


Is this something DW and I would enjoy doing? We are interested but didnt know if it was more for kids or not.


We’ve seen several groups of just adults or adults and their older kids. I think you should try at least one country because the special effects are very cool.


Do you have to be familiar with the show to do it/enjoy it? My kids haven’t ever really watched Kimpossible… maybe once or twice… DD13, DS7 & DD4–but if it’s worth doing & would be fun for all ages, then maybe we would give it a shot…??? WE’re always looking for new experiences/stuff to do…


The kids have done more than I. After about 3 countries we just turned them loose to do the others. There are 2 they said they never got to…now we know why. heehee.
DD15 just added America to the miss-list with Canada, she said they did do Morocco though.


I have never seen the show and my 12 year old has only seen it a coupe of times yet we still enjoy doing it. It’s just so well done and the effects are very good. We have spent more time in World Showcase because of it, we’ve seen parts of it we never would have if it wasn’t for KP.


Does the KP Epcott attraction cost anything extra besides your ticket…? My Fall CP friend and I are actually going to be Kim and Ron for MNSSHP down there (I’m the crossdresser :sleep: ) and that might be fun for us to do.


No cost (besides the ticket)! It works like a fastpass. And once you get your Kimmunicator, you can keep playing as long as you want. :happy:

Kim & Ron is an awesome costume idea!! I’ve been thinking about doing it with Baloo, but I’d need to get into better shape first. Kim’s outfit is a little… too revealing for me right now. :laugh: