Kim Possible: Why No Character?


Just wondering why there’s no Kim Possible when there’s Roly Poly Olie and the like at, say, MGM. Kim is pretty cool! :cool:


I thought that Kim Possible got cancelled. I believe that they had their last show last week. I could be mistaken, though.


Noooooooooooo! They can’t cancel Kim!

They do need a Rufus dark ride at WDW…that would rock!


PHA!!! they BEST not have cancelled Kim Possible…thats like my favorite show EVER!!!


New episode at 5:30…I don’t think it is cancelled.


I don’t think it’s cancelled, I see it ALL the time on my DD’s TV.


Maybe MGM could do a show like Playhouse Disney for slightly older kids (and those of who are kids at heart). I love Kim Possible. I even think Raven and Phil are kind of cool, if not great. (I think I’m right; Phil of the Future is a Disney Channel show isn’t it?)


Don’t know what the fuss is all about. After all, recently there were some friends of mine who were cast to be “friends” with Kim Possible and another friend of mine gets to be “friends” with Ron Stoppable! Now, when they get to come out in the parks has still not been revealed, nor for how long they will be, and for the safety of my job I will talk no further on the matter.


Gives some of us some hope!

My teenage daughter is a big fan, and maybe she won’t be so embarrassed about being all crazy over a character! :slight_smile:


KP has been my 4 1/2 yo DS’s “girlfriend” for well over a year…now he claims that girls in his class are his “girlfriends” but KP will always be the first – needless to say we’d LOVE to see her!! Thanks for giving us some hope!!


My girls love KP. In fact my oldest cant wait to get back to Ak to see the naked mole rats again(hope they are still there). Last time she kept going on and on about seeing the real Rufus. And my two younger ones are pretty geeked about it too since they don’t really remember seeing them. They walk around sining that naked mole rat song. Actually meeting KP and Ron would just send them into hystarics.


I love Kim Possible!! I hope she’s out walking around soon. I’d be willing to wait in line all day to say hi. :slight_smile:


I read somewhere that KP will only be in DCA. So my DD wants to plan a DisneyLand trip just so we can see her!