Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure Review


I absolutley LOVED the Kim Possible Adventure. It was exciting and the effects were phonomanal.I Loved the China adventure with Monkey Fist. When you go into Epcot you get a " Kimmunicator " That is a LG phone, but it can trigger effects on your quest. For example in China there is a " Jade Monkey " that comes out of the water to 2000 Space Odessy music that only can be triggered from the Kimmunicator. Bubbles come rapidly out of the water and… THE JADE MONKEY APPEARS. But its cleverly kept in a box underwater so people on the quest can not see it. Another Cleverly thought out plan by the Imagineers. So i give the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure on a scale from 1-10. 50. So next time you stop into Epcot try it out. I just recently added the Youtube link where you can see the jade monkey.


Thanks for you review. I have been wondering about this. Maybe I will try and do this when I am there in a few days. Thanks!


Do it! There is another thread floating around here that has lots of members comments!

The girls and I did it last weekend, and it was a lot of fun! We only did Norway, Japan and UK . . . so we have some to do next time! :happy:


They give you the cell phone upon entry? Do you have pictures?


There were some pictures posted in this thread:

And yes, they give you your “Kimmunicator” when you start your mission. :happy:


You have to go to one kiosk, where they scan your park ticket then you are told where to report too and what time. We picked ours up in Future World, but were told to report at 11:15am in the UK. In the UK you are given a cell phone . . . then told to step away to receive your instructions. (Each country gives you the same instructions on how to use the phone! By the 3rd one, I asked if there was a way to skip it, but I was told there was not!)

Here’s a picture I took:


Sounds like so much fun. I can’t wait to try this. Thanks for the review. There is a You Tube video of someone playing this.

YouTube - Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure - U.K. Pavilion (part 1)


Sorry i kinda left out where to get the phones… Heh…


YouTube - Epcot Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure: China Mission Video 4 - SPOILERS

This is the jade monkey i was talking about it was REALLY COOL and there is 2000 Space Odessy Music in Chinese Form!