Kim Possible, World Showcase Adventure


Has anyone done this? What is it all about??


its for little kids thats all i know… i stepped up to find out and the girl laughed at me


what???!??!!?? No it’s not for little kids . . . everyone does it!

You get a kimmunicator and you go on adventures in each of the countries. It’s LOADS of fun and it gets you in little nooks and crannies you normally wouldn’t go to.


What mickeysgirlz said! It is a ton of fun, definitely go do it! You go to the station and they tell you a time to get your “kimmunicator”. Then you go around the country following the clues and figuring out the mystery. I got to do a few right before I left last time I was there and had a great time. There’s no time limit for them, so you can just go around and explore while doing it.

A quick warning: Don’t have your phone as the Kim Possible tone while you’re doing it. It gets very confusing.


It’s for all ages, we have both kids and adults enjoying it. Our 12 year old likes to do it and doesn’t feel he’s too old.


I loved it and i’m past 40. But I am still a kid at heart so maybe that counts.


We might have actually liked it more than the kids. Who doen’t like a little spy adventure?


Me and my kids love it…even changed my text alert to the kimmunicator tone…my kids think that is the coolest thing. Don’t know what I am going to do when we go back to WDW…I will have to change the tone so I don’t think I am getting a text every 10 seconds


I LOVE the KP Adventure!!! Definitely give it a try!


I am definitely excited to try these! I can’t wait! 16 days!


YES, do it… You can go to a country-where it tells you, and you follow the clues all around that country. There are great clues, and responses to your clues for each country… stuff that you would never see come to life otherwise… Everyone loves it-and it is a surprise in each country.

This is well worth doing, and it is a little (really big) gem in EPCOT…


Our family LOVED it!! We were sad we hadn’t planned enough time to do more than one adventure. Definitely on our “A-list” for next trip!


It’s one of my favorite things to do in Epcot, and the rest of my family agrees! Definitely give it a try.


We loved it too. We did it a as a family the first couple of times. Now the adults grab a seat and a drink and the kids explore the country. You will have a great time. Definitely no just for kids.


We had a great time doing some of the missions this past trip. Our favorite was the one in Japan! I couldn’t believe how interactive it was, they did a great job with this!


Thanks everyone for the helpful advice. I did notice that some of you have blogs, very interesting. PrincessJill, I will def keep an eye out for you when we are in AK. Goodegirl, I also enjoyed your blog as well. Pretty neat.


DS and I have a blast doing this! We look forward to it as part of Epcot. It’s a cool way to see things that you wouldn’t slow down and notice otherwise. They’ve done a great job!