Kimono at the Swan?


We’re making a quick trip at the end of March for DD’s cheer competition. DD wants to try Sushi one night, and ddoll also recomended hanging out at the Boardwalk as a free fun activity - I think she also mentioned timing around the fireworks.

Well, I was browsing thru AllEarsNet at dining available at the Boardwalk area, and it mentioned Kimonos at the Swan. I hadn’t realized that the Swan was near the Boardwalk, or that they had Sushi (the menu looks pretty good). Anyway, how close is it to the boardwalk, and what time should we try dinning to catch the fireworks? Do they take reservations, or do I make an ADR? Would that be the fireworks at MK or EPCOT? I’m so confused! :wacko:


Well, you cannot see the fireworks from inside Kimono’s but they do have good sushi. (I’m no expert, but what I had was very good and I’ve heard others say it was good too)

Illuminations is shown every night at 9pm (the only exception to this is Christmas time when they show it at 9:30 to accommodate CP), so I would plan on eating beforehand. If you go outside of the Swan, you will be able to see the fireworks.

Also, the Boardwalk is right next door to the Swan. The walk is VERY short. There’s a little bridge that goes from the Atlantic Dance Hall over to the door to the Swan. (the yellow building on the end is the ADH)


Oh yes…and don’t forget to go to karaoke while you’re there!! :laugh:


Thank you so much! I knew you would know. Do I make an ADR or do I need to call them directly for a ressie?


I’ve heard both. I’ve heard people say they needed to call them directly and yet there’s a note on one of the websites saying to call Disney Dining to make a reservation. Since I have never called myself, I don’t know for sure. I guess I’d try WDW Dining first. The worst that can happen is they transfer you over.


If you are going to be in a park that day, I’d suggest making reservations for dinner at Tokyo Dining. They offer a sushi/tempura menu and a fairly decent view of Illuminations from the balcony. If possible, watch from the right side, not the front. From the front, the video globe gets eclipsed by the traditional Japanese arch in the water in front of Japan. OK, to be honest, the images on the globe will be pretty small, so you might not be missing much.


I wish I was! This is going to be a quickie low-budget no parks trip. We’ll only be there from Friday afternoon through Monday morning and the entire day Sat and Sun will be spent at the convention center.


I had no idea about this karaoke thing, but recently people in my town on on the boards have been chatting this up so much! Is this the reason I needed to book again???

We have neve rdone karaoke… what if yo ucan’t sing and you make a fool of yourself up there? Are most of the people who go there really great singers?


Hey, if everyone who sang at karaoke was a good singer, it wouldn’t be fun at all! How boring!!

There are some good singers wherever you go, but the best numbers to watch are the people who go up and have fun! Singing well is a low priority. Some of the most entertaining people can barely carry a tune, but go up and move their arms and make faces, do some silly dance moves, etc. (I swear, the funniest thing I ever saw at karaoke was when Deb Will’s friend got up and shook her booty while another friend sang “I Like Big Butts”)

For those who are afraid to go up and sing alone, there are group songs to try, like Love Shack, or Build Me Up Buttercup, or Sweet Caroline, or YMCA.
You get the idea! :happy:

Silliness and singing just go together.


Most people who get up to sing in karaoke bars are so sauced they couldn’t carry Row, Row, Row Your Boat!:laugh:
They couldn’t carry their shoulder tote, much less a tune!:laugh:
Sure, there are a few American Idol wannabes who sound OK, but on the whole, one singer is usually worse than the next.
Karaoke isn’t for me, but don’t let me talk anyone else out of it.


Boy do you need to get out more Soundgod! :laugh: You really have no idea.