Kimonos at the Swan


So, we are approaching our adult only trip in a couple of weeks and I was thinking I would love to try something new. I know nothing about this place and would love some info from those of you helpful MBers who have been to Kimono’s at the Swan.

DH & I love sushi and were thinking a late night sushi snack here. Would we be able to just walk in and have a few sushi rolls one night or would we need to have ADRs for a late night snack? We were thinking around 9pm. Is this even possible? (We would like to arrange this for Saturday the 23rd of this month) So any help or suggestions are welcome.:happy:


I make reservations for everything.
That would be my suggestion.


I read somewhere that they didn’t accept reservations. I will give them a call, thanks.:phone:


We walked in one evening last summer and the place was pretty empty. We really enjoyed it hope to go back this summer.


Thanks DT. I didn’t make an ADR because we are just to going to play it by ear that day see if feel like going we will. We are staying at the Yacht Club this trip so it won’t be far for an impromptu visit.:happy:


That’s what we’re going to do, I don’t want to make any solid plans but we’ll pop in and see how busy it is.


I would make an ADR so you get a nice table reserved for you and you don’t get relegated to one of the tables off to the side.

Remember they have karaoke there every night at 9pm, so a whole new crowd comes in for drinks and singing, not dinner. They will be more than happy to reserve an area for you to eat where you prefer.

btw: their sushi is great!


We’ve walked in before, but fairly early in the evening…5:30ish…DB and I are both big fans of sushi, and we thought Kimono’s was some of the best we’ve ever had…also, the atmosphere is perfect for an adult weekend - quiet, intimate, and beautifully appointed…that is, of course, up until those wild karoake folks take over!:laugh:
Have fun!


Fantastic, oooohhh, I am so jealous. Me loves the Yacht Club and it’s proximity to all the fun stuff.
You vacation like Mike and I vacation. I like impromptu everything :biggrin:


Thanks for the info and suggestions everyone. We are going to try things a little different this trip since we will be without boys. I can’t wait for a laid back relaxing trip this time around. I do think we will try to do a lot of things we normally wouldn’t do and :eek:without:eek: plans. Which is not something an over planner like meself is use to :laugh::laugh:

Anyway, I can’t wait to try Kimonos. I welcome any suggestions on sushi we should try. We are always up for some good new rolls.:happy: